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emish x700

EMISH X700 Android TV Box powered by SoC Rockchip 3128

It’s not often present TV Boxes equipped with Rockchip 3128 processor. In early April we presented TV Box called Ditter U26 has just equipped with this processor. Today we would like to present the similar model of Android TV Box called EMISH x700 Let’s take

intel nuc lids

New NUC mini computers from Intel have upgradeable lids

Intel in its new NUC mini PC applied a very interesting solution, and more specifically interchangeable lids. This approach works when there is no such USB ports for connecting additional peripherals, just the sparkle lid the Intel NUC to enjoy additional functionality. The lid that

vensmile mxv

Vensmile MXV Android TV Box powered by Amlogic S805

Today we are announcing Android TV Box brand Vensmile called Vensmile MXV. Recently had a chance to read about the mini PC brand Vensmile W10. The Vensmile MXV is an budget Android PC that features the Amlogic S805 chipset. Let’s take a closer technical specifications Vensmile

MeegoPad T02

MeeGoPad T02 mini PC Stick comes with Windows or Ubuntu

We recently had the opportunity to present the new Intel Compute Stick. Today we present known model MeegoPad but in a new version called MeeGoPad T02. The main problem MeeGoPad is based on Windows licenses beacause MeeGoPad T01 shipped with an unlicensed version of Windows,

ugoos um3

Ugoos UM3 TV Box dual boots Android and Ubuntu

Probably most of you know the model of TV Box Ugoos UT3S. Today we present a smaller model called Ugoos UM3. UM3 is a small box that you can plug into your TV to run Android apps. But unlike most devices that fit that description,

zidoo x9

The new firmware v1.0.3.1 for Zidoo x9 Release

We have good news, there is a new firmware for Zidoo X9 (v1.0.3.1 release). Zidoo X9 TV Box powered by Mstar MSO9810 that also comes with an HDMI input port, but this time, they’ve implemented a PVR function, so if you have a low end