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Onn 2K Streaming Stick is an Upcoming Walmart’s Android TV Stick


Soon Walmart, through its brand Onn. will launch Onn 2K Streaming Android TV Stick. Walmart, like Amazon, wants to introduce the HDMI stick streaming device to its portfolio, this time under its Onn. brand.

Walmart Onn Android TV Stick

We do not know about you, but we notice recently that the new streaming devices appear like mushrooms after rain. This time Onn. brand will have its Android TVStick. Onn.-branded Android TV Stick with a Google’s Reference Design remote appeared on the FCC listing. As reported in his Android TV Guide tweet, the device has been reported to the FCC with the name Onn. 2K Streaming Stick (SDM8821). It is probably ODM from SDMC (DV6073S). 


Walmart’s Onn 2K Streaming Stick Features

As we mentioned, Onn’s TV Stick will be an alternative to the popular Mi TV Stick. The device is also powered by Amlogic S805Y SoC, maybe 2GB RAM, but more realistic 1GB and 8GB eMMC. Unfortunately, you can forget about 4K streaming, but Onn Streaming Stick will support Full HD 1080p (up to 2K) streaming video. Onn TV Dongle is certified by Google, Netflix, and Prime Video. Additionally, the device runs on Android TV 10.

As a Google certified device, Onn. The TV Stick has all the essential Google services found on Android TV OS, such as Youtube, Google Assistant, Chromecast, etc.

Walmart Onn Streaming Stick

On TV Dongle you can already see Onn. brand logo. The device is not as big as most in this format / HDMI Stick format. The device also has a Micro USB port. 

It is worth noting that the new Onn.’s device, compared to the Mi TV Stick (review), will be delivered with a new Google reference design remote, which has really a nice design and 4 dedicated buttons (hotkeys). As you have noticed, Bluetooth voice remote control includes in addition Youtube and Netflix, also a dedicated Disney+ and HBOMAX button. 

More details soon. We will let you know when the device becomes available.

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