Noontec Hammo TV Review: Premium Wireless Headphones for TV / Smart TV Box (and not only)


Tests Hammo TV wireless headphones behind us, so we can share with you our review. Of course, as usual at this stage, we do not want to betray too much details, but the Hammo TV wireless headphones for TV… it’s a real Big WOW. Amazing headphones with great sound quality, workmanship, and a great price. More information and the experience of using the Hammo TV wireless headphones, you will find in this review.

I want to say thanks to Noontec company for sending us a Hammo TV wireless headphones for TV to review. Now Hammo TV wireless headphones are available on Amazon US for $119.95 (coupon code: 6WQQLCBI $20 OFF), Amazon DE for €129.99  (coupon code: 2RSRM3JW €20 OFF), Amazon UK for £199.99 (coupon code: 5QO7BVDI £20 OFF) and also via Hammo TV product page.


hammo tv

Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV details:

  • SKU – MF3119T
  • Wireless transmission – Bluetooth 4.0
  • Headphone Speaker – Votrik HD500
  • Battery – Built-in non-replacement rechargeable battery, up to 50 hours
  • Transmission Distance (max) – 10m
  • Resistance – 32 Ω
  • Charging time – 5 hours

hammo tv

What we find in the box?

  • TV wireless headphones
  • User Manual
  • Base with built in bluetooth
  • Pouch Bag
  • Stand for headphones
  • Audio cables and charging cables
  • UK plug and EU plug
hammo tv
Hammo TV Wireless Headphones and Accesories (Click to Enlarge)

The following video from our YouTube channel where you can take a look at more with Hammo TV wireless headphones for TV and bundled accessories.

First impressions, settings, overview of features

As we wrote in the package is a base with built- in bluetooth, which is attached to the metal wires / stand, which together with the base creates a whole – stand for Hammo TV headphones. The stand not only allows you to put in place the headphones, but a convenient way to charge your headphones. On the stand base on top there is a power on button.

The back of the stand base are: DC in 5V (micro USB), DC out 5V (USB 2.0), Reset hole, and AUX port. At the bottom there are four rubber tabs for a stable position.

hammo tv
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hammo tv
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In the set as we wrote, we have included several audio cables: 2x 3.5mm stereo audio jack plug AUX cable, 3.5mm stereo female AUX cable mini Jack to 2 male RCA plug AUX adapter cord cable, 3.5mm AUX audio plug jack to USB 2.0 and USB to micro USB cable.

hammo tv
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The Hammo TV wireless black headsets look great, are well made with good quality materials, with great attention to detail. Hammo TV are premium headphones. Holding the headphones in our hands we feel we are holding a decent product from the upper shelf, they really make an amazing impression. See the pictures below.

In the package, the Hammo TV headphones come with a pouch bag and are folded, making it easy to store and carry in your luggage.

There are three buttons on the left earphone: the power button, the movie and music stop function, the + / – volume buttons, and the next / previous track / video function. Also, when you turn on, turn off and pair the Hammo TV with your device you hear a voice command in the headphones.

At the bottom of the left earphone there is a jack port for connecting via an audio cable and charging the headphones via connecting to the charging port on the stand base. Also, the same jack port can be used to connect additional headphones with a cable, and listen to music with your partner.

hammo tv
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The Hammo TV headphones come with a built-in, high-capacity rechargeable battery which features low power consumption and energy-saving technology. This enables you to use the wireless headphones continuously for as long as 50 hours when the battery is fully charged. The maximum wireless transmission distance of Hammo TV can be up to 10m, which means it is powerful enough for most living rooms. Below Hammo TV wireless headphones for TV (and not only) on stand.

Connecting the Hammo TV headphones is very simple and well explained that you get with the headphones. The following connection diagram.

hammo tv

Hammo TV Wireless Headphones

As we wrote can be used not only for TV. Headphones we connected to TV, several TV Boxes and smartphones. Headphones worked in every case wonderfully. Below are some examples. The TV can be connected via the headphone jack on TV and through 3.5mm audio RCA connectors (color-coded white (left) and red (right)) stereo cable.

In TV Boxes most often you can connect the headphones via bluetooth (if supported), the other way like in TV. Connect via headphone jack (MINIX NEO U1, also windows mini PCs: Z83II, MeLE Star Cloud PCG03 Plus) or via 3.5mm audio RCA connectors (color-coded white Left) and red (right)) stereo cable (HiMedia Q10 Pro, HiMedia Q5 Pro, HiMedia A5). In smartphones we always have a cable with audio jack or bluetooth connection (this connection does not use stand base).

Hammo TV headphones + MINIX Neo U1 (Click to Enlarge)

Of course, when you connect to TV Boxes (via cable) you have to remember to change the source of the sound, and on the TV turn on the “Mute”.

The use of Hammo TV headphones is a great thing. The headset wears very comfortable, and sometimes you forget that you have it on your head. Headphones cover the ears well, and the sound coming from the headphones is unobjectionable. Headphones have a great bass. Hammo TV wireless headphones for TV, also liked my wife. The function buttons are well spaced and you can easily reach them whenever you want.


The Hammo TV Wireless Headphones are dedicated to TV as their main feature, but as highlighted in this review, Hammo TV are a fully-featured headphones that can also be used with TV Boxes, smartphones, laptops and other devices. By purchasing a Hammo TV Wireless Headphones, you are sure that you will not lie idle and wait when you start watching TV because you can take it everywhere and pair it with your smartphone. Hammo TV headphones are a great value for money, for which you get great premium headphones for different purposes. Great quality workmanship and sound quality will surely satisfy any TV maniac and more. Testing and using the Hammo TV Wireless Headphones is a real pleasure. Once again I want to say thanks to Noontec company for sending us a Hammo TV wireless headphones for TV sample. If you are looking for high-quality wireless TV headphones for the TV / Smart TV Box, which you will also be able to use with other devices that will also be affordable, the Hammo TV headphones are the best choice. If you ask whether you should buy wireless headphones – Hammo TV ?, is undoubtedly the answer is YES!. We recomend Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV (and not only), and recommend them for use with TV Boxes.

Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV











  • High quality workmanship
  • Good sound quality
  • Great value for money
  • Long battery life
  • Dedicated for TV / TV Box, but not only


  • Nothing so far

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