NO.1 G3 SmartWatch now is more Personal. Design your own watch face.


In mid-January we wrote about the new smartwatch from NO.1 called NO.1 G3. The NO.1 brand soon be launching its new G3 smartwatch resembling of Samsung Gear S2, and now unveils a new feature G3 smartwatch –  custom watch face. NO.1 G3 smartwatch is available on GearBest for $57.89 + free shipping.

The NO.1 G3 is a full round screen smartwatch powered by Mediatek MT2502 CPU, and also has  64MB RAM/128MB ROM + microSD card up to 16GB,  380mAH battery and support micro SIM (more info here) The G3 smartwatch looks simple and nice. As we mentioned at the beginning, NO.1 G3 will have the possibility design your own watch dial, according to its own preferences and it is only by designing 5 pictures.

NO.1 G3 custom watch face
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You can design the five photos and then replace the “clock” file, you can find the “clock” file easily after you connect watch to computer. You can design as you like, changing colors, making it twisted. The format hour_hand file is a PNG and the size is 11x128px.The format minute_hand file is a PNG and the size is 9x128px. The format second_hand file is a PNG and the size is 9x128px. Bg is background, you can choose any pictures yo like, such as cute baby, sexy girl, beautiful sky, etc. The bg photo is jpg forma and the size is 240x240px. Preview-it is a preview of clock with out background. The format is PNG and size is 150x150px. Then select the file “clock”and put file into memory inside watch. Below are examples of projects

As you can see is very easy to change and design your own watch face, additionally you can easily share created projects with your friends or even create paid projects. Everything depends on the idea. For more information on the movie from channel NO.1.

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