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New Upgraded Rockchip RK3328 UHD TV Box Solution

Most of you know and use TV Boxes equipped with Rockchip RK3328 SoC features Quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A53 architecture, up to 1.5GHz, Mali-450 GPU, Android 7.1 and Linux OS support, 4K 60fps video decoding, HDR10/HLG and HDR2SDR. Recently Rockchip – chip manufacturer, showed a new upgraded Rockchip RK3328 UHD TV Box solution.

upgraded RK3328


As you recall, in January 2017 we published the first information about the new RK3328. After several months of Rockchip upgraded RK3328 SoC now will support Giga Ethernet and USB3.0 interfaces, latest 4K standard (UHD Premium standard) and DRM widevine level 1 certification standard recognized by Google. Upgraded RK3328 positioned to medium and high-end solution supports USB3.0 and Giga Ethernet, and technically solves the problem of real-time transmission of 4K UHD videos. Higher transmission rate will also create more possibilities for the forms of OTT BOX. For example, in terms of interconnection of voice, image, streaming media and multiple-terminal, terminal devices based on RK3328 solution will realize irreplaceable technical and platform advantages. In addition, supporting DRM widevine level 1 certification standard recognized by Google, RK3328 solution is of more extensive compatibility and market influence.

Rockchip RK3328

As you know, we have already tested the TV Box with the upgraded Rockchip RK3328 SoC called Bqeel MVR9 (NT-N9) TV Box from Nagrace company, which supports Gigabit Ethernet end Youtube 4K (2160p) (review here).

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