New Firmware ZIDOO Z9X/Z10 Pro v6.0.45 release


We have good news, there is new firmware ZIDOO Z9X and ZIDOO Z10 Pro v6.0.45/v6.0.45_G beta version for the TV Boxes from ZIDOO. ZIDOO Z9X and ZIDOO Z10 Pro are the latest Android Media players in the portfolio of this vendor, which are also powered by the new Realtek RTD1619DR SoC.


Availability and price

New ZIDOO’s Android media players RTD1619DR Series are available in the ZIDOO Official Store on Aliexpress

ZIDOO Z9X 4K Media Player for $229

ZIDOO Z10 Pro 4K Media Player for $349

Both devices are also available in the more expensive version with the ZIDOO V9 Remote Controller with Air Mouse feature.


What we find in the new Firmware ZIDOO Z9X/Z10 Pro v6.0.45 / v6.0.45_G Beta version



1. Fixed the problem that there is no sound output in the frame rate switching of individual TV.
2. Enhanced local decoding to fix the problem that some DV films sources can’t be played.
3.Fixed the problem that the screen saver occasionally flashes back.
4.Fixed the occasionally stuck problem of IPv6 network.
5. Fixed the problem that some DV films can’t be played.
6. Fixed the problem that reopening does not take effect after closing CEC.

Local player

1.Fixed the problem of occasional abnormal playback when setting single loop playback.
2.Added the default function of the first audio track
3. Fixed abnormal display of poster information
4.Optimized the resume playback function

Music player

1. Fixed occasional playback error.
2. Optimized playback stability.

Picture manager

1.Added global folder name exclusion.
2.Added slide pause function by pressing OK.
3. Added the switch to scan hidden files.
4.Optimized display UI.
5. Added the function of pressing the information button to display picture information.
6. Added the function of the page-turning button.

Poster wall

1. Fixed the problem that screensaver appears during trailer playing.
2. Added the sound switch for the trailer
3.Solved the problem of the abnormal anthology when the number of TV series is relatively large
4. Modified some translations.
5. Optimized the display interface of the edit box.
6. Fixed the problem that the poster cannot be saved when rematching and selecting TMDB
to match the TV series.
7. Optimized poster loading speed
8. Solved the problem of no focus in grid list interface
9.Solved the problem that using Douban to match episodes cannot be classified correctly
10. Fixed the problem of incorrect viewing data on the main interface
11. Solved the problem that the list is sorted incorrectly after editing the poster title in web mode
12. Fixed the problem that the status is not saved after modifying the sort in card mode.
13. Optimized the matching success rate
14. Optimized the UI display of the setting interface.

File manager

1. Optimized part of the translations.
2.Fixed the problem of incorrect playback record.
Quick setting
1. Added the default setting for the first track.


1. Added PIP shortcut.
2. Added shutdown shortcut.


1. Added PIP shortcut function.
2. Fixed the problem that the screensaver appears automatically.

Download ZIDOO Z9X and ZIDOO Z10 Pro Firmware

ZIDOO Z9X v6.0.45_G ZIDOO Z9X v6.0.45 ZIDOO Z10 Pro v6.0.45_G ZIDOO Z10 Pro v6.0.45

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