New Firmware V2.2.82 for Zidoo Z9S, Z10, Z1000, X20 and X20 Pro


We have good news, there are a new firmware v2.2.82 for the TV Boxes from ZIDOO called ZIDOO Z9S,  Z10, Z1000, X20 and ZIDOO X20 Pro powered by Realtek RTD1296ZIDOO team is not idle and releases a new firmware v2.2.82 for the High-End TV Boxes. New firmware also comes with new features.

Firmware V2.2.82 for ZIDOO Media Players

New Firmware v2.2.82

The update is available as a OTA update. Usually there is a pop-up prompt to update after you turn on Zidoo media players and connect with network or wifi. If miss out, it could also be updated by “Quick Setting> Other>Upgrade>Update>Online Update”.  Note: Pls reinstall google play after updating to new V2.2.82



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What we find in the new Firmware v2.2.82

New Features

There is many optimizations among new firmware, main features are adding mobile phone control app, rec.2020 mode for HDR to SDR and music player upgrades to ZIDOO MUSIC V5.0 etc.


1. Fix the problem that Google Play cannot log in (should reinstall Google Play after upgrading).
2. Add rec. 2020 mode for HDR to SDR transfer.
3. Optimize WIFI connectivity rate and stability. Fixed Player exception caused by NAS occasional disconnection when WIFI is connected.
Optimize the stability of online playback when connecting WIFI.
4. Optimize NFS connection strategy to avoid Player (Gallery) error caused by network fluctuations.
5. Fixed problem that some audio demo video playback was not smooth.
6. Fixed the no sound problem when playing NAS video caused by network environment fluctuation.
7. Optimize Bluetooth connectivity stability.
8. Optimize system stability.
9. Add mobile phone control function (mobile phone can control all functions of the player).
Device name can be changed in “All Apps” -> “Control Center”.
The mobile control app is available on Google Play and will be updated to the Apple Store later.
Please search zidoo controller via google play.

Video Player
1. Subtitle download supports two or more languages downloading at the same time.
2. Optimize DLNA mirror function.
3. Fix Player (Gallery) crash problem caused by ASS,SSA subtitle compatibility.

Bluray Navigation

1. Subtitle download supports two or more languages downloading at the same time.

Poster Wall
1. Optimize custom wallpaper loading to solve the problem of loading long images or high resolution images that are easy to crash.
2. Optimize search interface.
3. Optimize stability.

Music Player
1. Completely rewrite the playback engine, upgrade to ZIDOO MUSIC V5.0
2. Optimize playback stability, fix SACD unexpected jump problem.
3. Add more audio format supporting, such as AIF.
4. In the folder page, support select the original directory structure to browse.
5. Optimize the accuracy of CUE file playback.

Quick Settings
1. Subtitle download adds support for multiple languages.
2. Modify the settings of the audio original sample rate output switch.

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