New firmware v1.0.39 for ZIDOO H6 PRO Android TV Box Release


We have good news, there is a new firmware v1.0.39 for the TV Box from ZIDOO called ZIDOO H6 PRO powered by Allwinner H6.  ZIDOO team is not idle and releases a new firmware v1.0.39 for the H6 PRO TV BoxThe update is available as a file OTA update (.zip file). If someone has not yet decided or are planning to buy this TV Box, you can find them on Aliexpress for $109.99.

ZIDOO H6 PRO unboxing

For those who have not yet had an opportunity to look at the ZIDOO H6 PRO we remind its specification:


New v1.0.39 (OTA zip file) can be downloaded hereZDMC for H6 Pro here. What we find in the new v1.0.39: 

1. Fixed the problem that Google service occasionally stopped running.
2. Optimize the system stability.

Phone Control
1. Fixed the problem that the mobile app can’t be downloaded.
2. Optimize the connection speed.

Local Media Player
1. Add feature to support play file from ZDMC (need special version of ZDMC for H6 Pro).

Media Center
1. Add switch to enable playing video with third-party video player.
2. SMB, NFS optimize the display mode of re-scan.
3. Optimize file ordering.
4. Fixed the exception of too many disk partitions.
5. Fixed the problem of unresponsive sometimes when access NFS.
6. Added aif music support.
7. Added hard drive capacity display.
8. Fixed the problem that the entry list interface takes too long to load.
9. Fixed the problem that application crashed when SMB passwords containing special characters.
10. Fixed the issue of report error when selecting NFS without network.
11. Added MTS suffix to video file.
12. Fixed the problem that the classification function is invalid.
13. Fixed the problem that the application is not responding when the number of files in the directory exceeds 1000.

1. Display model related information.

Image Player
1. Optimize background music for slideshows.

Music Player
1. Fix the problem that the box will go to sleep while playing music.
2. Fix the problem that the playback mode and sound effect can not be saved after restart.
3. Optimize the speed of getting the list.
4. Fixed the problem of crashing when select previous song first time.
5. Fixed the problem of application crashed when there are too many music files.
6. Fixed the problem that some ape, flac music files can not read the list information.
7. Fixed the problem that some music could not get the artist.
8. Displays the list of cues that are currently playing.
9. Record the last song played and progress.
10. Added cue support for WAV and DTS.
11. Optimize lyrics search.
12. New user interface.

1. Fix the problems that can not search weather.

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