The new firmware for SCISHION V88 TV Box with RK3229 (20160827) Release •

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The new firmware for SCISHION V88 TV Box with RK3229 (20160827) Release

We have good news, there is a new firmware for SCISHION V88 TV Box with Rockchip RK3229 (update 2016-08-27)This is probably one of the most anticipated updates. Unfortunately, as you know V88 TV Box in the review (SCISHION V88 Review: Cheapest TV Box with Android 5.1 powered by Rockchip RK3229) do not fell the best, perhaps the update fixes a number of bugs, but as is often not repaired everything. A big plus for the manufacturer SCISHION V88 TV Box that finally released the update.


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For those who have not yet had an opportunity to look at the SCISHION V88 TV Box remind its specification:

  • CPU – Rockchip RK3229 quad core ARM Cortex A7 processor @1.5 GHz
  • GPU – ARM Mali-400MP
  • Memory – 1GB DDR3
  • Storage – 8GB NAND flash + SD card slot up to 16GB
  • Video Output – HDMI 2.0 up to 4K2K @60 fps, and 3.5mm AV output (composite)
  • Audio Output – HDMI, AV, and coaxial S/PDIF
  • Connectivity – 100Mbps Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • USB – 4x USB 2.0 host ports
  • Interfaces – HDMI port, RJ45 port, SPDIF port, 4x USB Host, SD Card Slot, AV Out; DC jack.
  • Power Supply – 5V/2A
  • Dimensions – 11.60 x 11.60 x 2.50 cm
  • Weight – 145g


If someone has not yet decided or are planning to buy, now SCISHION V88 Android TV Box is available on Chinavasion store for $19.99 (18.85€).  New firmware for V88 TV Box TV Box with Rockchip RK3229 (2016-08-27) can be downloaded here.

  • frederic lapierre

    Hello a method to install the firmware svp thank you for your help

  • Kelemen Mihály

    The new update is good but not perfect! The new firmware kill every application, if you dont use. If you go to other application the new firmware immediately kill the olda application. I use a torrent client on my tv box. Now I dont able to downloading/seeding torrents and watching videos on the same time!

    But If you need this update, You need to make a wipe data on the recovery before the update. (this is clear every user data) then, dowload the zip file. Unzip and rename te IMG file to update.img, then copy the unzipped update.IMG filne in a SD card. Turn on your TV box, and wait until the android is working. If the you see the main screen insert the SD card, wait about 10-20 seconds, will appear window and show a question about the update. You need to choose the YES, and the android is start updateing.

    The update process is long. About 10-15-20 minutes. If you see the ANDROID logo on your TV more than 15 minutes turn off your TV box, and go to the recovery and make an other wipe data, then reboot your TV box and agin wait. The first booting process is long 10-15 minutes.

    • Audamus

      I followed your instructions and all went OK until the ANDROID logo. I
      waited over 30 minutes. How do I get to recovery from this screen.

      • Audamus

        I have now successfully updated

      • safwan al-najjar

        I did followed ur instruction but the update wizard did not started as u said .

    • Mr. Zsolx

      Szia, szeretnélek felhívni, megoldható?

    • COISO

      i don’t make a recovery wipe before and now stop in the android screen. what can i do now?

    • Juan M Or

      Install firmware but as you say, close everything, I do not like anything, you will have the firmware rk322x_box-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY49F eng.wanghy.20160708.153240 test-keys?

    • NickyP

      Thanks Kelemen – thanks to your instructions I was able to install the latest Android 6 Version which is on Gearbest’s site as noted by Zlatko below – link again here (click on the word “it” in the introduction under the Review Video to download !!). With the original firmware version my box was almost unusable – had to wait many seconds, sometimes minutes, before anything would be react. This version is much snappier than the one I had before. After installing the new firmware, since it is rooted I was able to uninstall the Kodi that came pre- installed (the pre-installed version seems to have been tweaked and had some limitations eg. couldn’t get a 16:9 stretch on the video) and put on the stock version of Kodi 17.3 KRYPTON direct from the Kodi Website (ARM V7A 32bit) . Then I installed Fusion etc. Note that this stock version would not install until I removed the pre-installed version first.
      All is well now with this box, which is usable at long last.

      • safwan al-najjar

        There is no download on the page u mentioned up its just a page to order from gearbest.

  • John Vamvas


    I am having problems with the lip-sync when I use Netfix with the SCISHION V88 TV Box Rockchip 3229 Quad Core. Does anybody know why or have any solutions?

    • Wojciech Augustyniak

      In resolution settings change framerate from 60 fps to 24.

      • John Vamvas

        Thank you. Where do I go to change my resolution settings?

        • Wojciech Augustyniak

          Settings > Screen > HDMI Mode

          • John Vamvas

            Any other ideas. That didn’t work. BTW I have no other problems with sync with any other app.

          • Sorin Calin

            I have problems with the pink screen issue on a Sony LCD from 2011. I was told the problems are solved on other TV boxes with new firmwares containing the option ”Force RGB output”. Are there any chances for V88 TV Box to resolve this issue?

          • José Barbosa

            Mine shows only 50 or 60

    • Audamus

      Me too but I have the same problem with another video app called IView. Let me know if you get a fix please.

  • Juan M Or

    Install firmware but as you say, close everything, I do not like anything, you will have the firmware rk322x_box-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY49F eng.wanghy.20160708.153240 test-keys

  • Oweee

    I can’t get my box to update to this firmware! followed instructions but no go.. any help would be much appreciated thx

  • Mahmoud Hammam

    hi how i can instal the new firmware for v88 and my ask that is downloading (2016-08-27) can use in SD card
    best regards

  • Sébastien Levesque

    Hello, i received my SCISHION V88, updated fimrware and loaded a h.264 movie torrent with utorrent. When I play it in VLC I got sound but no video at all… I tried with coupe player but dont get any images… h265 dont play at all… Am I missing something? Do I need to install some codec or whatever? Thank you very much

  • Donna Scott

    hi does anyone have some instructions on how to install this firmware please

  • Zlatko Flajpan

    Android 6.0 is out.
    Link is in that page.

    • safwan al-najjar

      Where u found the android 6.0 in that page ?
      I found just a page to order a v88 tv box

  • Elliott Watson

    my v88 stopped working after a week so i reinstalled the android 6.0 image and almost got it back to working order everything works except the wifi as i can not get it to display any wifi connections to connect to

  • Justice Seeker

    Hello a friend has the same box but we’ve tried removing the installed apps I thought this was rooted..
    What’s the best way to remove the crap bloatware???