Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 Limited Edition for Star Wars fans


Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 Limited Edition is a limited edition Nebula Capsule II small projector. However, this limited edition is dedicated to Star Wars fans and inspired by the “little hero” R2-D2 droid. If you are a Star Wars fan, this portable can-shaped mini projector styled on the R2-D2 a must-have.

Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 limited Edition

The Nebula Capsule II portable can-shaped mini projector has been on the market for a long time. However, recently the Nebula brand powered by Anker reminded about its mini smart projector with a limited edition. Not only fans of home entertainment on the big screen will be interested in this version of the portable projector. In particular, fans of Star Wars, and the small R2-D2 droid. 

This limited edition is inspired by the iconic scene from STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE in which the dutiful droid projects Princess Leia’s™ holographic message for Obi-Wan Kenobi™


Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 Limited Edition Overview Features

In addition to the well-known features of the Nebula Capsule II, the R2-D2 limited edition is distinguished by a design that resembles the R2-D2. Additionally, we can hear characteristic sounds inspired by R2-D2.

In addition to the “R2-D2 features of the droid”, the rest of the features apply to the Nebula Capsule II model. The pint-sized 720p projector runs on Android TV 9.0 which supports all known Android TV features (Google Assistant / Voice commands, Youtube, Chromecast built-in). However, Netflix or Amazon Prime requires hacks. Besides, this smart DLP projector supports 720p (280×720 (16: 9, HD) resolution, 200 ANSI brightness, and image size up to 100 inches with1-second autofocus. In addition, the device supports 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and interfaces: USB-C, HDMI, USB, AUX-Out.

Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 limited Edition

Availability and Price

As befits a limited edition, the price is not small. Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 Limited Edition projector the projector is available on Nebula’s official website for $699.99. However, real fans should not be scared away by the price. 

Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 limited edition

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