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Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle Android TV Streaming Device Coming Soon

Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle is the upcoming Android TV device from Anker’s Nebula brand. We don’t have much information at the moment, but the tweet posted by Anker Japan has revealed some information.

Nebula 4K streaming dongle

Android TV streaming devices appear on the market like mushrooms after the rain. Interestingly, all large companies and well-known brands want to have this type of device in their portfolio. The most common format is Android TV Dongle. This is also the case with Anker’s Nebula brand, which has Android TV projectors in its portfolio. It does not change the fact that Android TV devices are currently the most popular and desirable streaming devices by home entertainment fans.


[UPDATE 09/16/21] Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle is now on Amazon for $90, but is it worth it?

Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle Some Details

As we mentioned, there is not much information available at the moment. On the other hand, a tweet posted by Anker’s Japan twitter account reveals the main features of the new device. Of course, these are not some revelations that introduce a novelty compared to devices already available on the market.

Nebula Dongle streaming device is a Google Certified Streaming device based on Android TV 10 OS. The device will support high-quality 4K @75fps (HDMI 2.1) streaming of content from popular streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO MAX, Disney + and more. Besides, the device will also support Dolby Digital Plus audio. 

Nebula 4K Streaming device
Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle

It is also worth mentioning about voce remote, which has a well-known Google reference design, as well as dedicated hotkeys with popular streaming services: YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Nebula 4K Streaming voice remote

In terms of availability, the Nebula 4K Dongle is expected to arrive around September 2021. The device is likely to hit the Japanese market first. 

Source pictures and some details: monosukiblog

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