Mifree S7 Review: Smartwatch / Smart bracelet with Leather Strap


We have recently received several devices to reviews from Mifree brand. We are already testing a few of them, so in the near future, we will be publishing reviews of “gadgets” from Mifree. In the first place, we have for you – Mifree S7 Smartwatch / Smart bracelet review

Mifree S7 Smartwatch / smart bracelet with leather strap is available on for $39.

Mifree S7

Mifree S7 Specifications:

  • Watchband: thermoplastic elastomer
  • Display: 0.96″ IPS/TFT color screen
  • Battery capacity: 90mAh
  • Watch shell material: PC
  • Operation mode: Single-point touch
  • Transmission mode: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible platform: Android 5.1 or Above, iOS8 or above
  • Size: 35x18x10.5mm
  • Size bracelet: 157-237mm
  • Weight: 23.4g

Package Includes:

  • Mifree S7 Smartwatch / Smart bracelet
  • Charger
  • User Manual

First impressionsoverview of features

Mifree S7 is really well made with great attention to details and good quality materials. Classic design looks stylish. Mifree S7 smart bracelet is aesthetically made, and the combination of a leather strap, metal end of the display, looks interesting and unusual. Is it a smartwatch or a smart bracelet ? in our opinion, both terms match with Mifree S7. In the description on Amazon, the display type is IPS, in the user manual and on the TFT box. However, screen 0.96 “displays the data clearly and the colors are really saturated. The bottom part of the screen has a touch point. On the inner side (typically) there is a heart rate monitor and two pins for charging (charger reminds clip). The leather belt in sand color is really very good quality. Below photos.

The user has a choice of 2 clock dials. On one of them in addition to the bluetooth connection and battery status, the number of steps is displayed. The movement of the wrist activates the display (rather the screensaver) of the half of the clock face. To change the dial, you must hold the touch point. Below photos.

Like most smartwatches and smart bracelets, the Mifree S7 smart bracelet has the many features: Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, Multi-sport Modes (walking, jogging, riding, and climbing), Call and Message and apps reminder / notifications, Alarm, Sedentary reminder, Camera remote control, Anti-lost, Stopwatch, Vibration. Mifree S7 has an IP67 (SWEATPROOF & RAINPROOF), but the leather strap is not necessarily. Unfortunately, you can not answer the call, but you can read the received text messages, SMS, twitter etc. Below pictures. Notifications (like connections) are displayed by icons.

Mifree S7 smartwatch / smart bracelet has a 90mAh battery and it lasts up to 7 days. The charging over 2 hours. The S7 smartwatch (S7-D9FE) has V1.3.9 firmware.  Mifree S7 smart bracelet works with a dedicated application called JYouPro (downloadable on Google Play and App Store).  The application works almost very well, and the presented data is well legible. Unfortunately, in the exercise mode, the map is not loaded, and the route is not shown, as well as the lack of information about calories burned. Below are several screenshots from the JYouPro application. 


Mifree S7

MiFree S7 is really worthy of interest in the smart bracelet. It is well made, with a great design and has a large number of smart features that allow full health control. The elegant design fits perfectly with a shirt and a suit. A colorful display and nice graphics make an impression. Unfortunately, an application that displays health data well, does not work properly in exercise mode. On the other hand, is a leather belt and sweaty wrist a good connection? in our opinion no, the TPU material is more durable. Mifree S7 is missing receiving calls via touch point, only notification. In our opinion, the price of $39 is not excessive considering a large amount of these smart features and a stylish and aesthetic design.

Mifree S7 Smart Bracelet











  • Elegant and aesthetic design
  • Good workmanship, nice leather strap
  • Seamless work up to 7 days
  • Lots of smart features
  • Color display with graphic animation


  • No calls received only notification
  • In the JYouPro application, the problem with the exercise mode

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