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MGCOOL Explorer 2: The world’s second 4K action camera supporting for voice control

On January 7, YI technology officially released the world’s first 4K 60fps action camera YI 4K + on CES held in Las Vegas, shocked the world. This is not the case, this 4K action camera also added voice control function for the first time , supporting for video camera shutdown and other control and becoming the world’s third action camera which supports voice control . The first one is the old action camera manufacturer GoPro Hero 5 , however, the second is actually the Chinese action camera manufacturer MGCOOL’s MGCOOL Explorer 2.

Elephone Explorer 2

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Perhaps, lots of people have not heard of this brand before this, but MGCOOL has indeed did good in action camera industry for almost 3 years. Its already has 4 action camera: Explorer, Explorer Pro, Explorer Elite, Cam 360, all of them have won overseas Consumers love.

On December 15, 2016, some medias exposured that MGCOOL will launch a action camera called MGCOOL Explorer 2 which will be comparable to GoPro Hero 5. MGCOOL official has confirmed the rumor is true. MGCOOL Explorer 2 became the world’s second action camera which supports voice control, about two weeks earlier than YI 4K+.

It is said, MGCOOL Explorer 2 supports multiple language control, but also customize the voice you want to control, to maximize the release of your hands, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor sports heartily.

More information about MGCOOL Explorer 2 on MGCOOL official website and its Facebook

  • Jamie Singh

    Wonderful features ….but can it be used under water? What about the waterproof system?

    • ast_team

      there will be a waterproof case for MGCOOL Explorer 2

  • John Brown

    Can this device be connected through WiFi or Bluetooth?

    • ast_team

      it will be connected via WiFi

  • Ricky Sen

    4k video recording with touchscreen and voice control… Also comes with GPS positioning…. I like this device…looking forward to get it..

  • Mark

    It’s always been tricky when a brand comes in competition suddenly and shocks other existing brand’s. I think they will do something like that. Lots of features are given in a single device.

  • Steven Pearson

    Ahhh really loved this. They are giving all the best things in a single device. But believe me up to mid December I didn’t know anything about this brand Mgcool but now they are being so popular in market by this short time.

    • ast_team

      MGCOOL is an Elephone brand, therefore it becomes so quickly popular