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MeLE PCG01 (PCHD22) mini PC a new model HDMI Stick powered by Intel Atom Z3735


From MeLE we get information on a new model called PCG01 (internal code PCHD22) mini PC HDMI Stick format, for now this device is under development. We hope MeLE define the product well and who perform work up to the excellent mini PC Mele PCG03 analyzed in web recently.

MeLE PCG01 (PCHD22)In designing PCG01 have yet to be solved problems resulting format and temperatures even is considering the possibility of including a fan as in the Intel Compute Stick, but will try to avoid it because it is better a product with a passive ventilation adjusted well, less noise and no moving parts that can cause faults.


mele PCG01 mini PCAs for the PCG01 PC Stick specifications are normal in this sector, it will mount a SoC Intel Z3735F with a speed of 1.33GHz, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 32GB eMMC internal storage, dual band Wifi connection with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.0. In the case we have HDMI connector, microUSB input to feed, microSD card reader and a full USB connector. This model comes with Windows 8.1 NTE with Bing officially licensed, a specific version for mini PC. The PCG01 is expected to hit the market in June at a price of $99.

Below video from Notebook Italia, presents a prototype MeLE PCG01 (internal code PCHD22) mini PC Stick.


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