Meet Remix Singularity is a Remix OS for Mobile coming summer 2017

Jide company behind the success Remix OS (and the devices operating on Remix OS), which is available on Android TV Boxes / PC will soon make available the next version of Remix OS, this time the OS will be available on smartphones. Remix OS Mobile called Remix Singularity

Remix Singularity


Remix Singularity OS is not just another mobile system for smartphones. Plug and Play – to connect your smartphone with Remix Singularity to monitor and you get “full” Remix OS for your work and entertainment with many well-known already features like multiple window multi-tasking and now full keyboard and mouse optimization etc.

Speaking exclusively to The Verge, Jide co-founder David Ko explains the key concept. When running on a smartphone, ROM will be “as close to stock Android as possible,” says Ko. “But imagine when you get back to your office or study, you connect your phone and it turns into a PC mode, just like a laptop or desktop.” How this works can be seen here (below).

Remix OS for Mobile gives you the ability to easily transform your mobile phone into the device you need in the way you want – PC, Laptop, TV. You can choose the  operating mode. TV Mode allows entertainment on the big screen, so you can watch streaming video content like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and will be able to enjoy our favorite Kodi.

Remix OS mobile

If you need Endpoint Client, through Jide VDI Solutions coupled with Remix Singularity, your phone becomes the perfect mobile client to deliver exactly that. New Remix OS for MobileRemix Singularity is a great alternative for all users of smartphones with Android, Windows and iOS.  It allows greater universality and the use of smartphone and its system for easier, more convenient and faster work and entertainment on a larger screen than a smartphone screen. Unfortunately, the new Remix Singularity will be available in the second half of 2017.

Remix Singularity

Soure: via Verge and Jide


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