MECOOL KD2 Review: 4K Certified Android TV Dongle with AV1 decoding


Today we have the MECOOL KD2 review for you. MECOOL KD2 is a Google certified Android TV streaming stick powered by the new Amlogic S905Y4 SoC. Besides, the same as KM7 TV Box, the KD2 streaming player is also based on S905Y4 SoC with 4K AV1 decoding support.

We have written about the KD2 streaming dongle many times. As we mentioned, it is a Google certified streaming device, but it is not Netflix certified. However, if you want a fully certified device (Google and Netflix), be sure to read about the MECOOL KD3 Google TV Stick. It is a certified TV Stick based on Android 11 OS with Google TV software. 


Coming back to the MECOOL KD2 streaming player, it does not differ in its operation from the KM7. The main difference between these streamers is the format/design of the device and the number of ports. Features and most specifications remain the same. Even so, we encourage you to read our impressions, which you will find in our MECOOL KD2 review.

Availability and price

I want to say thanks to the MECOOL brand for sending us a MECOOL KD2 Android TV streaming player to review. Now MECOOL KD2 Android TV Stick is available via MECOOL website for 20% OFF. More specifically, you can purchase via the MECOOL website for $61.60 after coupon: CHR20. Via AliExpress, you can also use code: MediaKD2 ($3 OFF)

In addition, with this coupon you can also buy other MECOOL’s streaming devices cheaper  – KM7 / KM2 / MECOOL NOW / KM3. Promotion is valid until December 30th.

MECOOL KD2 Review: Product details

KD2 Android TV Stick Review

KD2 Android TV Streaming Stick Specification

KD2 streaming player review

The box included everything that you need to get started:

  • KD2 TV Dongle
  • Power Adapter
  • USB-MICRO USB cable
  • Bluetooth voice remote control
  • User Manual
MECOOL KD2 unboxing

Why is it worth getting a streaming player that uses AV1 decoding?

Most of the currently popular streaming services use the latest AV1 decoding. AV1 is a high-performance, royalty-free video codec that provides 20% improved compression efficiency over HEVC/VP9 and manages to save up to 30% in bandwidth for the same image quality.

Unboxing MECOOL KD2 Streaming player on Youtube

The following video from our YouTube channel where you can take a look at more MECOOL KD2 details and bundled accessories.

Review MECOOL KD2: First impressions, settings, overview of features

The KD2 streaming player has a TV Stick / TV Dongle format that ends with a flexible cable terminated a male HDMI 2.1 connector. We have no doubts about the quality of workmanship. Everything is OK. BTW, Check also the earlier MECOOL KD1 streaming stick.

Due to the size of the device, we will not find many ports here. Only USB 2.0 and micro USB to power the device. KD2 Android TV Dongle is powered by a power adapter or via the USB port on the TV.

Streaming stick comes with Bluetooth Voice remote that looks similar to the G10 Android TV / Google TV reference design Bluetooth Voice remote control. Voice remote control featuring Google Assistant, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Spotify shortcut keys, plus Android TV navigation buttons including a guide button, home and back buttons, direction keys, and a watchlist button. 

Recognition of voice commands via Google Assistant works without major problems. Below pictures.

First Impressions

KD2 streaming stick, same as KM7 streaming box also runs on Android TV 11 OS. Throughout testing, there were no problems with the device. KD2 Android TV Dongle was fast and stableWiFi connection works well, is stable, and fast. Wifi: Download – 219.1Mbps Upload – 239.7Mbps. In addition to the Bluetooth remote control with voice feature, we used a Logitech MK540 Advanced set and a gamepad from iPega called iPega PG-9076. Chromecast built-in works fine. You can also use the preinstalled ASAir Screen application.

Besides, on the KD2 Android TV Dongle can play popular games like Asphalt 8Beach Buggy Racing, Space Marshals, etc.(we used iPega PG-9076 and keyboard). You can also use Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Additionally, the KD2 device also has a pre-installed IPTV application. We used the free of 5000+ publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world .m3u (Github source here). If you want to control KD2 via smartphone, just install it Android TV Remote Control app or CetusPlay app.

Streaming Services via MECOOL KD2 streaming player

Most streaming apps may not be found on Google Play. This time the device did not have the Prime Video application pre-installed. They must be downloaded and installed via a USB flash drive. Interestingly, after starting the device, the device had Netflix v1.0 pre-installed.

MECOOL KD2 just like KM7 supports Youtube, Prime Video, Disney+, Google Play Movies up to 4K 2160p HDR (HDR10, HDR10+). HBO Go up to 1080p. Spotify works fine as well. The device does not have Netflix certification, but through the modified application you can get a display from 720p to 1080p. BTW, If you need a streaming player certified by Netflix, check out the MECOOL KM2 or the new MECOOL KD3 TV Stick.

Operating system and components

KD2 Android TV Dongle, streaming player runs on Android TV 11.0Kernel version 5.4.86, and supports OTA updates. The device uses firmware version RTT0.210608.002.20211022. As we mentioned, the MECOOL KD2 is equipped with a new Amlogic S905Y4 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 CPU @ processor up to 2.0GHz and GPU Mali-G31MP2, CPU speed between 100MHz and 2.0GHz. As you know this chipset supports 4K AV1 decoding (AV1 [email protected] up to [email protected]).

Besides device supports Google Widevine L1/Playready. The device does not have root access. Some screenshots.

MECOOL KD2 Review: Performance tests and benchmarks

Video test

Playback by Kodi 19.3 runs almost smoothly and stable. Thanks to the pre-installed Movie Player, video playback was smoother. Device without problem seems to play movies with the resolution of 480p,720p, and 1080p (24fps, 30fps, 60fps) and also 4K (60fps) with various formats and codecs videos such as AV1 codec, H.265/ HEVC, VP9, H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, RMVB, and audio – DTS and AC3. Dolby Digital 5.1 passthrough worked fine via HDMI.

It does not support DTS-X / DTS-MA / THX / Dolby TrueHD. However, for some content, for example Prime Video, there was support for Dolby Atmos.

Video Playback via Kodi 19.3

Typical 1080p Result
MPEG2 / MP2 2.0 – 6.6Mbps OK
MPEG4 / MP3 2.0 – 7.6Mbps OK
H264 / AAC 2.0 – 7.2Mbps OK
VC1 / WMA3 2.0 – 25Mbps OK
VP8 / VORBIS 2.0 – 7.8Mbs OK
Jellyfish 1080p HEVC 10bit – 90Mbps OK
4K Video  
Sintel – H264 / AAC 2.0 – 24fps OK
BBB Sunflower -H264 – 30fps OK
BBB Sunflower -H264 – 60fps OK
Honey Bees – 96fps OK
Skyfall – H264 / AAC 2.0 – 10Mbps OK
Puppies Bath – h264/AAC 2.0 OK
Cinemartin H265/HEVC OK
Tears of steel – 60fps OK
HD Club Chimei – H264 / AAC 2.0 – 60Mbps OK
Jellyfish 4k uhd HEVC 10bit – 140Mbps OK
Jellyfish 4k uhd HEVC 10bit – 200/250/300/400Mbps Not smooth
LG Demo – Istanbul 3840×2160 MP4/H264 8bit – 116Mbps OK
Sony 4K – Camp HDR MP4/HEVC 10bit – 75.8Mbps OK
Demo Samsung 2014 – USA Road Trip TS/HEVC 10bit – 51.4Mbps OK
Samsung UHD DUBAI TS/HEVC 10bit – 51Mbps OK
H.265/VP9 Video  
Tears of steel – H265-HVEC / AAC 2.0 – 15Mbps OK
Youtube – VP9 / 1080p No
VP9 / 4k – Eye of the Storm 4K Ultra HD.webmv OK
VP9 / 4k – 10 Incredible 4K (Ultra HD) Videos.webmv OK
VP9 / 4k – Australia – Land Down Under in 4K.webmv OK
AV1/ 4k – Summer Nature.webm Not smooth
AV1 / 4k – Holi Festival.webm Not smooth

KD2 Android TV Stick Benchmarks

For testing, we use Benchmark 9.1.1, GeekBench 4, 3D Mark. MECOOL KD2 Android TV Dongle a score of 94303 points in AnTuTu Benchmark v9.1.1. Internal memory benchmarks (via A1SD Bench app): Read 107.40MB/s – Write 45.91MB/s. RAM copy speed was 3709.40MB/s. Below are benchmarks screenshots.

MECOOL KD2 Android TV Dongle streaming stick benchmark

MECOOL KD2 Conclusions

MECOOL KD2 Android TV Dongle review

MECOOL KD2 is a worthwhile Android TV streamer for home entertainment. As we wrote at the beginning, its features, use and a large part of the specification are the same as for the MECOOL KM7. It is up to you whether you prefer the TV Stick / TV dongle or TV Box format.

KD2 Android TV streaming player is certified by Google, works fast and smoothly, plays 4K video (also with AV1 codec), and streaming video also smoothly. If you are looking for streaming player with a chipset (S905Y4 SoC) that supports the AV1 codec, MECOOL KD2 should satisfy you. 

However, if your streaming player is to be “fully certified” and support Netflix 4K, you should be interested in MECOOL KM2 and the new MECOOL KD3 Google TV Stick (with Google TV).














  • 4K AV1 Decoding via S905Y4 SoC
  • Up to 4K HDR Streaming services
  • Fast and stable work
  • Good video playback
  • Android TV 11, Voice control and Chromecast works great


  • No certified Netflix, only up to 1080p via modified app
  • Bluetooth remote control without air mouse
  • Sometimes the device won't start via the remote control

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