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List of Beelink’s Mini PCs supporting Windows 11


Currently, the topic of updating Windows 11 and models that can be updated is on the top. Recently, the Beelink brand unveiled a list of its Mini PCs supporting Windows 11.

Beelink's Mini PCs supporting Windows 11 update

In mid-August we wrote about the Bios update for the flagship Beelink’s Ryzen Mini PC. The Bios update supporting TPM 2.0 (required for Windows 11 update) received Beelink GTR and GTR Pro Mini PC.


As it turned out, it’s not the only Beelink Mini PCs that will support the Windows 11 update. Recently, the Beelink brand has published a list of its Mini PCs for which it will be possible to seamlessly switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11. If you are thinking about buying or owning a Beelink Mini PC, be sure to check the list of devices that support Windows 11.

If your device is on the list, be sure to check the latest Bios update available under the Support tab on the Beelink website, specifying the device model.

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