Leaked pictures and features of the new SJCAM SJ8 Native [email protected] Action Camera

SJCAM is a leader in the action camera market, has an extensive portfolio of action cameras, the latest model SJ7 Star ($128.99 on Banggood), and one of the most appreciated models among users called SJ6 Legend (also by us, the SJ6 Legend review here). It plans to introduce another new camera action called SJCAM SJ8 in October, which will support native [email protected] and will also have a dual screen.



The SJCAM SJ8 will be the first action camera to support [email protected] video with dual screens. It will have a large 2.33-inch touchscreen on the back and 0.96″ touch screen on the front. Just like the SJCAM SJ6 Legend has. Secondly, there is a great possibility that the SJ8 camera will support GPS. This would probably be external and be and be optional. This would make the SJ8 a premiere action camera that could double down as a top-notch dashcam as well – Best of both Worlds really. Pressing the envelope a bit further, we’d like to see PiP (Picture-in-Picture) added which would allow the SJ8 to have a “slave” back camera when being used as dashcam.  Like other action cams, the SJ8 will support EIS up to [email protected] Probably will be powered by Ambarella H22 chipset. The leaked picture is also only a rendering of an early prototype (source PoshGadgets).


Below is not yet confirmed specifications / features of the new SJCAM SJ8 Action Camera:

  • Ambarella H22 Chipset
  • Sony IMX377 Sensor
  • Dual Screen – 2.33″ Touchscreen + 0.96″ Front
  • GPS (External)
  • FPV Mode (PWM)
  • RAW Support
  • Live Streaming
  • 24fps / 25fps
  • Voice Control
  • Dual Microphones
  • .4GHz/5GHz WiFi
  • Distortion Correction
  • USB Type-C
  • External Mic Support
  • 2.4GHz Remote Support
  • Slow Motion
  • EIS (Gyro) up to 4K30Fps

As reported PoshGadgets, probably SJ8 will get an additional name like the previous models (the SJ6 Legend “Recorded Legendary”, the SJ7 Star allowed us to “Reach for the Stars.”) maybe “Greatest of 2018” or “Jack / All Trades” or otherwise. Will the new SJCAM SJ8 camera be the real GoPro killer, and maybe the YI 4K+ will come out in a few months or earlier.

Source: PoshGadgets

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