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Lanmodo Vast Pro is the upcoming new dash camera with an amazing night vision system. Now, by becoming a gold member, you can buy this dash camera for $420 cheaper. How to do it, and what features will have Lanmodo Vast Pro Dash Camera you can find below.

Lanmodo Vast Pro

Why is it worth becoming a Golden Member?

Spend $10 (this $10 is refundable if you don’t purchase Lanmodo products) to be Golden Member to buy Lanmodo Vast Pro with a 128G TF Card for only $199 which is worth $619. Enjoy priority in purchasing Lanmodo Vast Pro on Indiegogo. You can buy Golden Member here.


Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Dash Camera Key Features

Lanmodo Vast Dash Camera with a night vision system is available on the market. On the other hand, the bulk features of the upcoming Pro version are worth attention and will certainly encourage you to buy it.

Night Vision System

According to many reports, most car accidents happened at night and many of them were caused by poor night visibility. For example, lots of animals were killed by cars at night. Vast Pro Dash Camera is a Driving Safety Assistant for people who drive at night or in an unfriendly weather situation (foggy, rainy, snowy) to help drivers avoid accidents and drive safely.

Lanmodo Vast Pro

Huge 8.2″ HD 1080P Display

It’s helpful for the shortsighted and the old people who are with vision problems. Because the screen of Vast Pro is with 8.2″ HD, 1080P high resolution, and full-color image, it makes the traffic situation clearer displaying on the screen. Besides, a 45-degree field of view, presents a broader view that is far beyond what your naked eyes can see, and the Vision Distance of Vast Pro can be up to 300M, in this way, it will help people to know the road situation in advance to avoid accidents.

Real-time Recording of Road Situation Enhance Driving Safety

Dual recording of both the front and rear view, max support of 128G, video resolution at 1080P. Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest recordings with the newest ones when the storage is full G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage, the locked videos will be kept from being overwritten

In the current automotive industry, only a luxury car has a built-in night vision system and it is a black and white image, not high resolution. However, Lanmodo Vast Pro not only provides 1080P high resolution but also offers a full-color image. Its retail price is 20% less than the luxury car’s night vision system. Actually, Lanmodo Vast can also be used for night activities (night fishing, night observation, etc.) if there’s an external power supply.

More details about Lanmodo Vast Pro All-in-One 1080p Dash Camera with Night Vision System here

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