Koogeek Father’s Day Activity – Giveaway (Promo)

Father’s Day is not over yet and there is still a chance to catch great deals. Not only the dodocool brand has prepared deals and Giveaway on Father’s day. The Koogeek brand (is a brand associated with dodocool) has also prepared Father’s Day Activity promotion, during which you can also take part in Giveaway (Hurry Up!, you have time until Jun 17th 23:59 PST).

koogeek father's day activity

On the Koogeek Father’s day activity promotion, you can expect discounts up to 39% OFF and what’s most interesting you can win prizes. You can win Blood Pressure Monitor and Smart Light Strip. How to win and how to play:
  • Log in and leave a message to express your thanks to your father, sincerity is the most important;
  • The message should begin as” What I most want to thank my father is______________”;
  • 5 lucky dogs will be chosen to get the free gift, 2 winners for Blood Pressure Monitor and 3 winners for Smart Light Strip;
  • This giveaway will end Jun 17th 23:59 PST (Hurry UP!)
  • Please make sure the email is correct because koogeek team contact you via email if you win;
  • Winners will be announced on koogeek facebook page after this giveaway ended;
  • koogeek reserves the right to the final explanation of this giveaway

koogeek father's day activity

How do you buy a product in Kogeek Father’s Day Activity promotion? it’s simple. Choose your country and get your preferred device with coupon code. Here are some products for big discount:

koogeek father's day activity

If you need and look for this type of devices then this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the deals prepared by Koogeek for Father’s Day 2018 Activity promotionDo not forget to take part in Giveaway! (Hurry Up!, you have time until Jun 17th 23:59 PST)Good Luck! All the purchase link and coupon code will show on koogeek official site.


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