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KinHank Super Console X Max has Built-in 50K Retro Video Games


If you are a fan of retro video games, or would like to come back to them on the big screen, this will surely interest you. KinHank Super Console X Max has built-in 50000+ retro video games and pre-installed 50+ emulators. Do you need more?

KinHank Retro video game console

KinHank Super Console X Max TV video game console this device is noteworthy for several reasons. First of all, it meets the needs of fans of retro games, as well as fans of streaming and home cinema. It is all thanks to the three systems on which the device can work.


Availability and price

KinHank Super Console X Max you can find on Aliexpress from $114 and up, depending on the selected option.

TV Box is shipped with Remote Control, TGZ 706W Wireless Controller x2, 64GB-256GB TF Card, Power Adapter, HD Cable, USB HUB, User Manual and 4GB TF card. 

Super Console X Max Overview Features

First of all, KinHank Super Console X Max was embedded in the well-known H96 Max X3 TV Box. This Android TV Box is powered by Amlogic S905X3 SoC, and comes with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. Besides, it supports Dual band Wifi,  Bluetooth 4.1 and Gigabit Ethernet. 

It is worth noting that KinHank Super Console X Max supports three systems. supports 3 systems. Works on Android 9.0, but also supports EmuELEC 4.2 and CoreELEC through TF cards.

EmuELEC 4.2 Gaming System via TF card has built-in 50000+ retro games, and pre-installed 50+ emulators. Among the popular emulators you will find: ATARI 5200,CPC 464, ATARI 800, ATARI 7800, Commodore 64, Amiga 1200, VECTREX, MSX, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Game Boy, SEGA SG-1000, PlayStation, PSP Playstaion Portable, etc.

CoreELEC System (also via TF card) based on Kodi lets you enjoy 4K movies and TV shows. Besides, you can still use Android 9.0 OS, Youtube streaming and use Android apps.

Super Console X Max with 2 wireless game controllers

KinHank Retro Video Game console comes with two wireless Bluetooth game controllers. However, the video game console supports up to 5 players simultaneously.

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