JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw 1080p Projector Officially on Amazon for $737


JMGO O1 is one of the cheaper ultra short throw LED projectors in the JMGO brand portfolio. Additionally, O1 Smart LED projector recently appeared on Amazon at an even more affordable 33% OFF price. 

JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw 1080p LED projector

Availability and price

JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw 1080p LED projector now is officially available on Amazon with a price of $1099.99. For the first week, you’ll be able to get it at $736.99 only, which is 33% OFF. This is a really great price considering the O1 projector features.


In addition, the O1 Full HD Smart LED projector can be purchased from the JMGO website for the same price of $737 after coupon: O1SPECIAL (valid until Nov 15)

JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw Full HD Smart LED Projector Features

It is worth recalling that JMGO, through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, launched the O1 ultra short throw LED series of projectors. Exactly the JMGO O1 and JMGO O1 Pro model.

Above all, the O1 series has an amazing and unprecedented design. In addition to the great design, the projector’s features deserve attention. We do not want to bore you with unnecessary descriptions, therefore we will present the main features of the JMGO O1 model.

JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw 1080p Smart LED Projector

O1 Ultra Short Throw 1080p Smart LED Projector Main Features:

  • 0.25 Ultra-Short Throw: 60” to 100” screen size placed just 10 inches away from the wall or projection surface. No longer suffer the casting shadows when walking across anymore. Get a smooth and uninterrupted view with JMGO O1.

  • Co-Created & Tuned with DYNAUDIO: Get cinematic stereo sound to match the stunning display. Co-created with the leading producer of loudspeakers Dynaudio, the specially tuned and enhanced audio is powerful, immersive, and surrounds you with stereo sound.

  • Smart 24/7 Companion with Luna OS: 24/7 companion, including music visualizer, message board, weather dashboard, and more. Any wall of the room can be turned into an information hub, an art exhibition.

  • Alexa Built-in: Simply speak voice commands into the remote control and tell O1 to control your music, smart home devices, news, weather, and more.

More details about O1 Smart LED projector on the product page.

JMGO O1 Ultra Short Throw 1080p Smart LED Projector

O1 vs O1 Pro Ultra Short Throw 1080p Smart LED Projector

Below you will find a comparison of the specifications of both models.

JMGO’s O1 Series is versatile and works across all your device ecosystems.  With universal input and output ports including 2*USB, 2*HDMI, 1*Optical and 1*Lan. More about O1 Pro Smart LED projector on the product page

JMGO U2 is a 4K Tri-Color Laser TV Projector

However, if you are looking for a 4K laser projector, then you should definitely pay attention to the JMGO U2 projector. This high end 4K ultra short throw laser projector has amazing and stunning design. Besides, it has great display features and high-quality audio.


Additionally, just like the O1 series, the JMGO U2 laser projector has received great reviews. More about the U2 ultra short throw 4K laser projector can be found on the product page.

[UPDATE 11/23/21] JMGO U2 4K Tri-color Laser TV projector can be found on Amazon for $2,399. Besides, you can buy this amazing laser projector via the JMGO website for $2,430 after coupon: U2LIMITED. Additionally, you will get 3D shutter Glasses (value of $99.99).

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