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2 Ways How to Install MECOOL NOW Video Calling and Streaming Device


MECOOL NOW is one of the very hot devices in recent days. It is a combination of an Android TV streaming device, and a 1080p camera for video calling, for example via Google Duo. However, how to use and install MECOOL’s NOW video calling and streaming device? Below are 2 ways.

MECOOL NOW KA2 streaming device

Recently, we presented to you “MECOOL NOW” a device that is impressive. It is a Google Certified streaming device based on Android TV 10 OS with all well-known features. Additionally powered by the new Amlogic S905X4 SoC supporting 4K AV1 decoding. And most importantly, “NOW” has a built-in Full-HD (1080p) camera for video calling, for example via Google Duo or ZOOM.  Full specs and features can be found in our earlier article about MECOOL NOW.


How to use MECOOL NOW video calling and 4K streaming device?

As it turns out, MECOOL Now is not only designed to be placed on top of a TV, to enjoy a complete home entertainment experience users could use a thread for tripod installing. 2 ways to use the built-in Google Duo. By the way, one of the 3 dedicated buttons on the Bluetooth voice remote has a Google Duo button, nice!

The best-looking solution is placed on top of a TV. However, the most practical is to install the device on a tripod (the device is equipped with the 1/4″-20 standard). Then we can easily set the distance from the camera. Below you will find the bottom of the device with the ports and the tripod mounting place.

Google Certified MECOOL NOW

Which method you choose depends on your preferences. Nevertheless, the device is worth attention and solves the problem of a compatible external camera. Plus, if you don’t use video calling, you can fully enjoy video streaming that AV1 codec supports. In addition, the device is certified, so you can count on Full HD and even 4K streaming

MECOOL team has prepared a video presentation of how to install NOW Video Calling and streaming device, so watch it.

MECOOL NOW Availability and Price

The NOW Google Certified Smart Video Calling device has been priced at $143.99, but you can use our coupon code: ANDROIDTVBOX, after coupon $129.60! You can also buy 2 devices for $237.98 (50% OFF)and give one device to a loved one. More details can find on NOW (product page).

BTW, unboxing below.

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