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GT-King TV Box series with Dual OS (Android + CoreELEC) via TF Card


Today we start with interesting information from the Beelink brand. You will soon be able to purchase the GT-King TV Box series with Dual OS (Android + CoreELEC) via SD / TF Card. Such are Beelink’s plans regarding cooperation with CoreELEC.

GT-King TV Box series with Dual OS (Android + CoreELEC) via SD / TF Card

As you know, CoreELEC is a ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution based on Kodi technology for popular Amlogic hardware. For a number of months now the developers have been working on the Amlogic 4.9 vendor kernel to support the latest devices that have recently become available on the market.


We have been collaborating with members of the Beelink, Hardkernel, and Khadas teams to support these devices better than previous devices. As a result of this work we are able to easily add additional support for Generic S905X2 devices. Users who have one of these devices should use the “Amlogic-ng” images for new installs and updating. CoreELEC

How the cooperation with CoreELEC and Beelink will look like and how will the delivery of Dual OS with GT-King Series and switching between OS look below.

Official Support

In order to allow users who choose the Beelink TV box to enjoy more functions, in the past, we reached in-depth cooperation with the CoreELEC development team. The CoreELEC team will adapt our products, our GT-King and GT-King Pro You can use the CoreELEC system directly, and we will continue to cooperate in the future to adapt more products.

System pre-installed

We will give away an 8GB SD / TF card with the CoreELEC system after the GT-king series products are sold. Just insert the SD / TF card in our GT-King series products. You can directly use the CoreELEC system.

CoreELEC Free switching

The user to switch freely between the Android AOSP system and the CoreELEC system when using dual systems, we have added the system option of switching to SD / TF card in the firmware of the GT-King series products. Just press and hold the power off button of the remote control, and the System switch option will appear as shown in the figure below. Select this option and confirm, the machine will restart into the CoreELEC system in the SD / TF card.

How to use dual systems

Start the second system

Insert the supplied SD / TF card into the card slot, connect the power and turn on the machine to boot to the second system automatically. When the SD / TF card is inserted, the first boot option is the second system in the SD / TF card.

Dual system (Android and CoreELEC) switching

Android AOSP — second system: Boot to Android, insert the attached SD / TF card, press and hold the shutdown button on the remote control, select the System switch option, and restart to the second system. 

The second system — Android AOSP:

Boot to the second system and select from the power options

Reboot from to eMMC / NAND (CoreELEC), automatically reboot into Android AOSP system.

Or open the main menu, enter the exit option, select Reboot from NAND (EmuELEC), restart to enter the Android AOSP system.

System update
1. Download the latest upgrade incremental package file.
2. Copy the downloaded incremental package file to the /storage/.update folder on the device.
3. The restart will enter the update.
CoreELEC can also choose to update automatically in the system, but only for the stable version.

We will adapt to more third-party systems in the future. If there is a third-party system you like, you can also contact us. We will try to contact the corresponding developers to adapt our products. Beelink

For more information, please pay attention to Beelink’s official website:

CoreELEC 9.2.0

Now is available CoreELEC 9.2.0. Based upon Kodi v18.4 final, this release has added support for more devices than ever before. CoreELEC now supports the very latest Amlogic chipsets, including S905X2/S922X and A311D using the Amlogic 4.9 Linux vendor kernel.

Changes since 9.0.3:

  • added ability to turn on/off 5v power during power-off/sleep on ODROID-N2
  • added BL301 inject feature
  • added support for Beelink GT-King (S922X)
  • added support for Khadas VIM3 (A311D)
  • added support for S905X2 devices
  • added WiFi firmware for devices with AP6236 chipset
  • added WiFi driver for RTL8822BS
  • fixed RTL8723BS bluetooth support
  • rebranded Kodi
  • updated DVB drivers
  • updated OpenVFD driver
  • updated OpenVPN to enable server mode


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