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Geniatech ATV1950 Android Hybrid Box with Dual Tuner and 2.5”HDD powered by Amlogic S905


Geniatech one of the most recognizable TV Boxes manufacturer operating on the global market since 1997, also founder of the brand MyGica, launches its new TV Box called Geniatech / MyGica ATV1950.

mygica ATV1950MyGica ATV1950 TV Box is equipped with Amlogic S905 64bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53. As you can see ATV1950 model is based on the already well-known model MyGica ATV1900AC. Also ATV1950 has Dual TV tuners, 802.11ac MIMO WiFi. Runs on Android 5.1. Geniatech / Mygica ATV1950 also comes with HDMI 2.0 which supports UHD [email protected] It has a build-in 2.5’’HDD up to 3TB. TV Box from Geniatech support internal 2.5″ HDD so user can easily store all the recorded channels and view in leisure time.


mygica atv1950Dual TV tuner can support using one antenna  watch one channel while recording another channel.  TV Box also has SDmicro card slot, 2x USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0, Dual TV Tuner (ATSC), DC jack, Optical port, Ethernet port RJ45.

The MyGica ATV1950 ATSC will be start shipping around Q1 2016, more info [email protected]. Below the video from which was shown ATV1950 model with Dual TV tuner (ATSC), 2.5” HDD powered by S905.


Source: ARMdevices

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