Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Week: FIIDO Electric Bikes Deals


Geekbuying 8th Anniversary celebration is in full swing. Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Countdown the promotion is behind us, but we are currently during the Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Week also abounding in amazing deals and surprises.

Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Week

As we mentioned, the 8th birthday celebration of the Geekbuying store is during the Anniversary Week event and will last until 22, June @ 10: 00 (UTC + 8). There are some surprises during Anniversary Week. Check the Shopping Guide of the 8th Anniversary Sale. Left a few surprises prepared by the Tema Geekbuying of which you can still use:

  1. Up to $15 extra off coupons (*By the way, the coupons you get from subscribing promotions during Anniversary Countdown are working now)
    $5 OFF for orders over $18 [GKB8TH09]
    $8 OFF for orders over $88 [GKB8TH10]
    $15 OFF for orders over $188 [GKB8TH11]
  2. $0.01 exchange gifts
  3. Buy 1 get 1 free
  4. $0.01 APP exclusive deals – Flash deal is with 7 rounds. Update the new round at 10:00 am, UTC+8 every day.
  5. Get freebies from Geekbuying social accounts activities
  6. Lucky draw to win Roborock H6

Of course, at the 8th Anniversary Sale, you will find a huge number of products and devices. This time we want to interest you in Electric Bikes, which you will also find at:

Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Outdoor Promotion

We have selected some special offers available during Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Week for you. We hope that our choices will interest you or inspire you to shop. Below you will find a few FIIDO Electric Bikes that we think are of interest and offer good value for money.

FIIDO Electric Bikes Deals / Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Week

Anniversary Week FIIDO M1

[EU Warehouse] FIIDO M1 Folding Electric Mountain Bike (20″ Wheels 4 Inch Fat Tires, 250W Motor Shimano 7 Speed Derailleur, 12.5Ah Lithium Battery, Three Riding Modes, Dual Disc Brake, LCD Display) now for $959.99 after coupon: NNNFM1 **our favorite**

FIIDO M1 Electric Bike Features:

  • Dual Shock Absorption Structure – equipped with cst20 * 4.0 tires,52 tooth chain disk and Shimano 7-speed transmission with good shock absorption effect and riding stability
  • Lithium Battery – Built-in detachable rechargeable, a large battery capacity of 12.5ah at most, with a long endurance
  • Three Riding Modes – Pure electric mode, riding mode, and electric power-assisted mode. When the accelerator is turned, it is automatically electric mode; without the fuel gate, stepping on the pedal is an electric power-assisted mode
  • Folding Body – The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light and rust-free; the body supports folding in half, which is suitable for most of the car’s back-up carriages
  • 250W Brushless Motor – lower power consumption, 20% stronger endurance, and larger starting torque.
  • Dual Disc Brake – Front and rear dual disc brake, more stable and effective brake
Anniversary Week FIIDO D2S

[EU Warehouse] FIIDO D2S Folding Moped Electric Bike Gear Shifting Version City Bike Commuter Bike (16-inch Tires, 250W Motor Max 25km/h, SHIMANO 6 Speeds Shift, 7.8Ah Battery) now for $579.99 after coupon: GKB251S

FIIDO DS2 Electric Bike Features:

  • 250W Motor – 250W motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 25-degree gradient.
  • Inflatable Rubber Tire – 16-inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds, and added rear shock absorbers for better road passability and comfort.
  • Folding Design – Folding design for convenient carrying.
  • Adjustable Height – Adjustable heights of handlebar and saddle for different heights of people.
  • 3 Modes – Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode can be chosen to be adjusted for different road conditions.
  • LED Front Light – LED front light to ride at night safely.
  • SHIMANO TOURNEY TZ500 Series Gear Shifting – With a lightweight construction and an easy assembly feature, the SHIMANO TOURNEY TZ Freewheel provides 6 Speeds Shift.
  • FCC & CE Certification – Pass FCC and CE verification, it is a safe product.
Anniversary Week FIIDO D3

[EU Warehouse] FIIDO D3 Folding Electric Moped Bike City Bike Commuter Bike (Three Riding Modes, 14 Inch Tires, 250W Motor 25km/h, 7.8Ah Lithium Battery, 25-40KM Range) now for $479.99 after coupon: GKB269S

FIIDO D3 Electric Bike Features:

  • Three Modes Of Riding – It has pure electric, riding, electric-assist three riding modes. Pure electric and assist mode switch automatic induction, when the throttle is turned, it is automatically electric mode; without the throttle, stepping on the pedal is the electric assist mode.
  • Three-speed Electric-Assist Mode – According to the rider’s weight and environment, the road conditions may have a bias: The first speed of gear is about 10km/h; The second gear assist speed is about 15km/h; The third gear speed is about 20km/h.
  • 14 Inch Inflatable Rubber Tire With Front and Rear Double Disc Brakes – Shockproof inflatable tires with wear-resistant and anti-slip texture, the brakes are more stable and effective, ensure you’re a more comfortable riding experience in different road conditions.
  • 250W Motor, 25km/h Max Speed – The 250W motor can offer 25km/h max speed and 30-degree steep slopes. Electric motorcycle range up to 25-40km. Using a brushless and toothed motor, the power consumption is lower, the endurance is 20% stronger than the normal brushless and toothless motor, and the starting torque is larger.
  • Max Load 120kg – The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light, no rust. The lightweight and tough aluminum alloy frame have 120kg payload.
  • Adjustable Height of Saddle and Handlebar – Adjustable saddle tube 75-105cm, adjustable handlebar 95-110cm.
  • Ultra-bright Headlights And Red Taillights For Braking- It features an ultra-bright headlight for added safety in night riding. Red taillights flash distinctly while braking as a warning to other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.
  • FCC & CE Certification – Pass FCC and CE verification, it is safe product. 

You can find more at Geekbuying 8th Anniversary Week promotion and Outdoor Promotion

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