Gearbest: Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Deals for Black Friday 2019 (Deal)


Robot Vacuum Cleaner also known as robovac, is a kind of smart household appliance, which can automatically complete the floor cleaning task via manual operation or remote control. At Gearbest Black Friday 2019 you will find the best robots worth buying. Which one you choose depends on the features you need and on your budget..

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Deals for Black Friday 2019

Availability and price

The Gearbest store has prepared the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2019 promotionBlack Friday Deals –  in which you will find all the robot vacuum from the photo above. Below you will find a comparison of the best robot vacuum, and price deals.


What are the key parameters for a robot vacuum cleaner?

These top 5 key parameters you should consider when buying a robot vacuum:

  1.  Runtime or battery capacity – The Runtime or battery capacity is a key spec you should note when choosing a robot vacuum, especially for large house owners. As the larger battery capacity or longer runtime can avoid frequent recharge due to the lack of power.
  2. Cleaning efficiency – The cleaning efficiency refers to the area that a robot can clean per hour. The main factor affecting the cleaning efficiency is the processor. A good processor can calculate the best and fastest route for cleaning each room and it doesn’t miss an inch. Therefore, the cleaning efficiency is sometimes more important than the battery capacity.
  3. Suction strength – The large suction can make sure that all kinds of debris on the floor are sucked away by the vacuum cleaner, so the cleaning result will be more satisfying.
  4. Working noise – Don’t overlook the working noise of the robot, as the large noise may disturb your work or sleep. Usually, you’d better choose a robot with its working noise less than 65dB.
  5. Remote control – If a robot cleaner supports remote control function, then you can easily control it via APP. In addition, it’s better if the vacuum cleaner also supports the voice control, which means that it can work with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google home.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Deals for Black Friday 2019

Lenovo X1 LDS Lidar (Laser Navigation, Wet and Dry, 3200mAh, 55dB Low Noise 2200Pa, Suction 585ml Dust Box, Auto Recharge Resumption) now for $429.99

Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock S5 Max Laser Navigation Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi youpin now for $439.99 with coupon: GB-RBS5MAX

360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot with SLAM Route Planning 2000Pa Suction Mopping Off-limit Setting now for $392.38

Alfawise V10 Max (Laser Navigation Robot, Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping, Auto Recharge Resumption, Smart APP Control, Support Alexa Google Home) now for $219.99 with coupon: ALFAV10MAX

Alfawise V8S PRO E30B supports Smart Mopping, Voice Control, Supports Google Home Amazon Alexa now for $159.99

Which Robot Vacuum Cleaner Should I Choose?

Everything as always depends on the budget and the features we need. Below is a useful robot comparison. More details can be found at Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2019 promotion.

BEst Robot Vacuum Cleanr Comparison 2019

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