Google’s G10 & G20 Reference Design Remote Dedicated to Android TV


From the beginning of March 2021, you may have noticed the appearance of Android TV streaming devices accompanied by new voice remote controls. The Google’s G10 and G20 reference design remote controls, are new remote controls that will stay in our homes for a long time.

G10 and G20 Reference Design Remote

The new G10 and G20 Android TV / Google TV reference design remote controls are manufactured by Ohsung Electronics (European partner of TW Electronics), and have been developed in collaboration with Google and Telink Semiconductor Ltd.


Both models are compatible with Google TV / Android TV. Additionally, they have certified firmware and RF approvals for many countries across the globe. Besides, G10 and G20 are available in 2 color contrasts approved by Google.

G10 and G20 Google TV Reference Design Remote Controls Comaparison

G10 remote control

Without a doubt, on our blog you could see the most G10 reference desing remote controls. Among others with Youin You-Box, MECOOL KM2, Walmart’s Onn TV Dongle and TV Stick, etc. G10 series has 22 keys, Google specified Telink 8271 chipset, RF certification completed, Certified Google firmware. It is also worth mentioning Google approved color contrasts – Rock Candy and Dark Anthracite.

G10 Google reference design remote control

G20 remote control

First of all, the G20 series is quite different from the G10. The G20 Google TV reference design remote is longer than the G10 series, and has more buttons. In both models we also find dedicated 4 buttons / hot keys, 2 of which are always used for Youtube and Netflix. The other two buttons can be used to access other streaming services (Prime Video, HBOMAX, etc.), depending on the region in which the device will be entered.

G20 series has 38 keys, also Google specified Telink 8271 chipset, RF certification completed, Certified Google firmware. Besides, the remote control case comes in the same colors as the G10 series.

G20 Google TV reference design remote control

It’s not hard to notice that the G20 Reference design remote control is dedicated to Smart TVs which runs on Android TV and Google TV. An Austrian company called Andrino uses G20 remote controls for its Android TVs.

Andrino G20 Google TV reference design remote control

Android TV Boxes and Android TV Dongles that come bundled with Google reference design remote controls you will find here.

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