Fossil Q Grant and Q Founder with Android Wear, new smartwatches from Fossil


Fossil (company making watches since the 1980s) announced the creation of a completely new line of Fossil Q accessories. It consists of four interesting models, among which you can find intelligent bands without screens, traditional watch communicating with a smartphone and a full-fledged  smartwatch with Android Wear OS.

The Fossil Q Reveler  is a wearable equipped with a function to notify the user via LEDs and delicate vibration. The price of this gadget is $125. It’s coming October 25th. The next fitness tracker that you can wear as a bracelet called Fossil Q Dreamer. In addition to the above notifications it has health functions, so it can keep the user can monitor the body. You can buy her a stylish leather bracelet or silicone, which is useful during exercise. Also this costs $125.


fossil q grantThe most interesting of the presented watch is a Fossil Q Grant. At first glance, this is an ordinary watch, but it also has health functions and supports notifications. You can assign a color LEDs for a particular contact, so one glance at your wrist enough to know precisely who is trying to contact. Price watch ranges from $175 to $195 and it will be available starting October 25th. Their unique feature is the cooperation with Google applications Fit, Health, UP by Jawbone and the AU Record created by Under Armour.

fossil q founderBut it is not everything! The last watch is a Fossil Q Founder smartwach with Android Wear OS that works with smartphones running Android and iOS. Its price will start from $275. Will hit stores just before the festive season. As the Android Wear has closed opportunities, we can already predict that in terms of functions will not differ from other appliances running Android Wear on the market.

In the pictures all the gadgets from Fossil presents an exceptionally pretty and at first glance, that are created by a company that for decades engaged in the production of watches, and not by an electronics manufacturer. And although we like models such as Huawei Watch and LG G Watch R, much more would prefer to buy Fossil Q Founder and even cheaper Fossil Q Grant. Of course you should not be scared about the comfort of the action items listed above, because their correct operation is responsible Intel. You could say that the two are familiar to their profession met in the middle of the road, and together they created a product perfectly matched portfolio of both companies.

fossil qWhile Fossil Q Founder is the standard smartwatch running Android Wear and there is no need to dwell on it, the model Fossil Q Grant is brilliant in its simplicity. It was created by a company engaged in the production of real watches, so we need not fear for the quality of its execution. It also supports configurable notification and also has health functions.

Source: liliputing

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