Finally, Android 11 comes to NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices, what else


The long-announced major firmware update for NVIDIA Shield TVs has finally appeared. First of all, SHIELD Experience 9.0 upgrade brings Android 11 TV operating system, but not only that.

SHIELD Experience 9.0 upgrade: Android 11 comes to NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices

NVIDIA’s Shield TV devices appeared in 2015. That’s why it’s nice that even in 2022 the devices received such a significant firmware update. Surely the owners of NVIDIA’s streaming devices have made a successful purchase that guaranteed constant updates, efficient specification, and now the transition to Android 11 TV OS.


Even before SHIELD Experience 9.0 upgrade, there was a statement among users that it was the best streaming media plaer on the market.

Availability and price

Although there is currently no discount on NVIDIA Shield TV and Shield TV Pro, it was recently. However, if it appears again, do not miss it, because as you can see, it’s worth it.

You can buy NVIDIA’s powerful streamers via:

What the SHIELD Experience 9.0 Upgrade brings

In order not to bore you, we will list the most important update features:

  • Watch tons of free movies and shows with IMDb TV
  • GeForce NOW RTX 3080: Stream your PC games at 4K HDR on SHIELD
  • New or Upgraded Apps
  • New Games
  • Other Enhancements Includes:
    • Android security patch level September 2021

    • Adds:

      • Support for aptX compatible Bluetooth headsets

      • Option to automatically disconnect Bluetooth devices on sleep

      • Option to match content audio resolution (high resolution audio)

      • New Gboard keyboard option

      • New Energy saver setting for additional power customization

      • Stadia button support to XBOX, Playstation, and SHIELD controllers

        Additional bug fixes

Browse the release notes for a complete list of upgrades and look for the upgrade notification, which will hit SHIELD TV home screens starting from 01/12/22.

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