Dreame H11 Max / H11 Wet and Dry Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 30% OFF


Today Dreame brand launches sales of its latest wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner. Dreame H11 MAX and Dreame H11 Wet and Dry wireless Vertical vacuum cleaner is on sale now. Early bird price is very attractive, as much as 30% OFF.

Dreame H11 MAX Wet and Dry Cordless vacuum cleaner

Dreame brand, leader on the cordless vacuum cleaners market introduces two new and advanced wet and dry wireless vacuum cleaner, called Dreame H11 Max and H11.


Without a doubt, these vacuum cleaners are worthy of attention with advanced features. However, the current early bird price is even more encouraging to buy them.

Dreame’s New Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners Prices

In the official Dreame Aliexpress you will find H11 Max and H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 30% cheaper. More specifically, the Dreame H11 Max is now available for $399 and the Dreame H11 for $299 / prices including VAT. Shipped around October 25.

Dreame H11 Max and H11 Overview Features

First of all, wet cleaning has become very easy with these vacuum cleaner. Regardless of whether it is ketchup stains, spilled milk or even eggs, the new Dreame’s wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaners will easily handle it. Regardless of whether it is a wooden floor in the room or a ceramic tile floor in the kitchen.

Of course there are a few differences between Dreame H11 Max and Dreame H11, you can find them below. Probably, as always, there will be people who will say that I choose H11 because its features are sufficient.

Dreame H11 Max wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner

Below you will find a table comparing both models. However, we will focus on the features of the Dreame H11 Max.

H11 Max wet and dry vacuum cleaner adjusts the suction level (up to 10000 Pa) according to the upfront mess detected by sensors. H11 Max comes with a clean water tank of 900ml that covers up to 200m² in the lowest water flow mode. On the other hand, the H11 a  cleand water tank 900ml covers up to 160 Square meter. Used water tank has 500ml.

Dreame H11 wet and dry wireless vertical vacuum cleaner

Dreame new wet and dry vacuum cleaners have the function of a self-cleaning brush. The scraper scrubs the roller brush deep down to the root with a row of teeth. The mess is safely vacuumed, and the roller brush is clean during the cleanup. With a simple click from you, H11 Max even cleans itself on the dock

Dreame H11 MAX wet and dry wireless vertical vacuum cleaner

Besides, with a battery capacity of 6*4,000mAh, H11 Max is suitable for large homes. Works up to about 36 minutes. At the top, next to the handle, we find an advanced LED display showing battery, cleanliness, and working status. 

H11 Max can stand on its own and be put away easily after cleanup. Just put the vacuum cleaner back to the dock, and the charging starts right away. Apart from that, the charging dock has extra space for storing accessories as well.

It is important and worth emphasizing that only Dream detergent shoulde be used with H11 and H11 Max vacuum cleaner. Will it be relevant for the warranty, or whether there will be replacements respected by Dreame brand, time will tell.

Dreame H11 and H11 Max Comparison

Dreame H11 and H11 MAX wet and dry wireless vertical promotion early bird price
Model Dreame H11 Max Wet and Dry Vacuum Dreame H11 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Color Black White
Mess Detection Yes No
Auto-Mode Yes No
Power 200W 170W
Runtime 36min 30min
Motor Brushless Brushed
Clean Water Tank 900ml (0.23gal) 900ml (0.23gal)
Used Water Tank 500ml (0.13gal) 500ml (0.13gal)

Besides, along with the H11 / H11 Max in the box you will find: Main body, Handle assembly, Back-up roller brush, Accessory holder, Charging base, Power adapter, Back-up Filer, Cleaning Bruch, Dreame cleaning solution detergen.

What do you choose? let me know in the comment. More on the product pages, H11 and H11 Max.

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