DOOGEE BL12000 / BL12000 Pro Smartphone with Huge Battery 12000mAh now from $179.99 (Promo)

Another Chinese manufacturer of smartphones – DOOGEE company introduces its flagship model on the market. DOOGEE BL12000 and DOOGEE BL12000 Pro. Both new smartphones from DOOGEE are available on Banggood from $179.99 (for DOOGEE BL12000).

DOOGEE BL1200 and DOOGEE BL1200 Pro


DOGEE BL12000 and DOOGEE BL12000 Pro are smartphones that will appeal to people who do not often want to charge smartphones and want to enjoy entertainment for as long as possible. Both BL12000 and BL12000 Pro smartphones were equipped with a huge 12000mAh battery (consisting of two 6000mAh batteries). The DOGEE BL12000 and DOOGEE BL12000 Pro is 14 mm thick, which is OK for this size battery. It’s a bit worse with the mass of the smartphone – it weighs up to 300 g. But something for something – we gain up to 5 days of normal use, as the producer assures. According to factory data, it can still be converted into 90 hours of continuous conversation, 25 hours of watching movies or 42 days of standby. Of course, the manufacturer’s promises apply to use under ideal conditions, but the DOOGEE BL12000 does well. It is worth mentioning that the battery can work as a powerbank via USB-OTG. 

BL1200 battery

The main difference between the models DOOGEE BL12000 and DOOGEE BL12000 Pro and refers to the amount of RAM, ROM and CPU. DOOGEE BL12000 is equipped with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM and is powered by MediaTek MT6750T 8x [email protected] CPU nad Mali-T860 GPU. BL12000 runs on Android 7.0. DOOGEE BL12000 Pro is equipped with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM and is powered by MediaTek Helio P23 ARM 8X Cortex-A53 2.5GHz CPU and ARM MaliT720-Mp1 650MHz GPU. BL12000 Pro runs on Android 7.1 (can be updated to Android 8.0 through OTA). Of course, the memory can be expanded using the micro SD card up to 256GB.

Both models are equipped with a 6-inch display, 18: 9 (2: 1) proportions and Full HD + resolution (2160 × 1080 pixels). DOOGEE BL12000 / DOOGEE BL12000 Pro has a dual cameras: on the front 8.0MP + 16.0MP (Sensor OV8856 + OV16880) on the rear 16.0MP + 3.0MP (Sensor OV16880 + C0310). Both models support dual SIM and of course, they support LTE (including B20). 

BL1200 Pro

Both models also have Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, fingerprint, GPS, Gravity sensor, P-Sensor, G-Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Compass (magnetic), Geomagnetism, Gyroscope, OTA, OTG, Quick Charge 12V/3A. As we mentioned DOOGEE BL12000 and BL12000 Pro are available on Banggood from $179.99 (for DOOGEE BL12000). BL12000 Pro is available for $269.99The exact specification can be found on BL12000 and BL12000 Pro smartphone page.



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