Cube to launch a tablet with Remix OS software


Remix OS is a system that drives the tablet Jide Ultra Remix. Meanwhile, the software has a chance be in also on other tablets, and one of them is to be the unit from the Cube.

cube remix osRemix OS was developed by Jide, which also created the tablet Ultra Remix. The software is based on Android, but has many features that we know from Windows. Hence the name remix, because by the creators of the OS combines the best of both platforms.


Remix OS is available on the principles of open source , so anyone can use it. We know that the Chinese are interested in running the Cube, who allegedly preparing a tablet with Remix OS. Unfortunately, any details about the product are not known. We can only guess that it will be a hybrid device with a keyboard that will take full advantage of the software.

It is worth noting that Jide already working on Remix OS 1.5, which is based on the code of Android 5.0 Lollipop . The system will be initially available in China and guess that first hit, in the form of an update to the Ultra Remix, and then will be opened to others.

Source: Liliputing

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