TV Tuner

  • wetek play

    WeTek Play Set-Top Box with an ATSC Tuner

    WeTek Play is an Android media player that comes with a digital TV tuner. Older Amlogic AML8726-MX processor used in the box, it could still be recommended for watching live TV, with featuring like PVR, TimeShifting and EPG working reasonably well. At launch however, WeTek Play was only available with…

  • Geniatech PT115 Pad TV Tuner, add DVB-T to all Android devices

    Geniatech releases the PT115 Pad TV Tuner, a very small Micro USB device that works in any Android device that support OTG on the Micro-USB port. You just plug it in and it automatically works with the Geniatech DVB-T Tuner Android app. Information from the manufacturer: PT115 DVB-T mini TV Stick…

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