BlitzWolf BW-AS2 Review: Great Speaker with Great Bass & Huge Battery


We are after tests another device from BlitzWolf brand called BlitzWolf BW-AS2. BlitzWolf BW-AS2 is a bluetooth speaker which we can recommend to you at the beginning of this review. Why? you can read more in the BlitzWolf BW-AS2 review. We encourage you to read.

I want to say thanks to BlitzWolf team for sending us a BlitzWolf BW-AS2 40W Double Driver Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 30W strengthened and upward bass, professional 2*5W Mid-Treble to review. Now BlitzWolf BW-AS2 Wireless Speaker is available on Banggood for $59.49 + free shipping with coupon code: 15OFFBWAS2 (15% OFF).


BlitzWolf BW-AS2 Wireless Speaker Specifications:

  • Color:Black
  • Material:Metallic Mesh + Hard Plastic of PVC
  • Connectivity:Bluetooth/ 3.5mm AUX-in
  • Bluetooth Version:4.2
  • Transmission Distance:Up to 10m/33inch
  • Input:DC 5V
  • Output Wattage:40W
  • Frequency Response:20-20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ration:≥75dB
  • Battery Capacity:7.4V 5200mAh
  • Working Time:Max Volume 2.5H, 70% of Volume 4-5H
  • Charging Time:USB Charger 5-6H, 18V Adapter Charger 2-3H
  • Dimensions:L230*W125*H60mm
  • Weight:1127g
Blitzwolf BW-AS2
Blitzwolf BW-AS2

Package Included:

  • BlitzWolf® BW-AS2 40W 5200mAh Double Driver Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio cable
  • User Manual
Blitzwolf BW-AS2 unboxing

BlitzWolf BW-AS2: First impressionsoverview of features

BlitzWolf BW-AS2 is a well-designed and made bluetooth speaker in the shape of a hexagon. Black metal mesh conceals a 30W bass speaker, and 2 * 5W mid-treble speakers on the side. In addition to the black metal mesh, the other parts are high-quality plastic.

On the sides of the speaker, there are also metal inserts in silver in the shape of a hexagon. Above the black metal mesh from the left, there is the BlitzWolf logo, battery indicator, Vol.+/Next Song, Vol.-/Previous Song, Play/Pause Music, Telephone (Receiving calls), Mode Switch, Mode Indicator, Power ON/OF. On the back of the BW-AS2 speaker there are interfaces: Reset button, TF Card port AUX Port, Charging, Fast Charging (DC18V). At the bottom, there are two rubber straps for a stable position of the speaker. Below pictures.

The big advantage of the speaker is the ability to play music from several sources: bluetooth, AUX In port, USB stick or micro SD card. The BW-AS2 wireless speaker is a great speaker that works very well. Bluetooth playback works smoothly, the connection is stable. Function buttons work fine, for example, next/previous track and mode switch button. The BlitzWolf BW-AS2 has a built-in microphone, so you can easily to receive incoming calls (via a button with Telephone symbol) and talk through the speaker. The BlitzWolf BW-AS2 wireless speaker has been equipped with a huge battery – 5200mAh lithium battery, which has a capacity allows you to play music up to 7-8 hours depending on the set volume. Most importantly in every speaker is the sound coming out. BW-AS2 bluetooth speaker sounds are very clean, even at the maximum volume, the combination of all tones is well balanced. 40W (30W bass + 2 * 5 mid-treble) are enough. As we wrote in the subject of the review, the speaker has great, juicy bass, really solid bass, obviously considering the size of the speaker. The speaker volume is sufficient for home use and not only. This bluetooth speaker also has good value for money. Below are some pictures

BlitzWolf BW-AS2: Conclusions

If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker that looks great, with a great, loud sound that plays music from several sources, then you should consider buying BlitzWolf BW-AS2 40W Double Driver Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This is a great 40W bluetooth speaker with weighty bass, which allows you to listen to music via bluetooth or in combination with mp3 players via the AUX In port or TF card, you can also receive incoming calls at any time. The BW-AS2 Wireless Speaker is perfect for every situation, has a huge battery (5200mAh) and will give you a great listening experience for any type of music, and above all, more powerful beats. The speaker is worth the price. Considering the functionality and sound it is a good value for money. We recommend BlitzWolf BW-AS2 Wireless Speaker

BlitzWolf BW-AS2 40W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker











  • Great sound with solid, weighty bass
  • Loud 40W bluetooth speaker
  • Good value for money
  • Elegant and aesthetic design
  • Huge Battery 5200mAh


  • Nothing so far

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