Blackview Christmas Sale – Best X-mas Gift Ideas powered by Blackview


Christmas is around the corner. If you have not yet chosen your Christmas gifts, take a look at Christmas best gift ideas powered by Blackview brand. Christmas Blackview Sale 2021 abounds in Christmas discounts, so in cooperation with Blackview brand we have selected a few gift ideas for your loved ones. 

Blackview Christmas Sale 2021

2021 Blackview Christmas Gift Ideas Overview

Lovely Kids Gift

If your family has children aged 3-5, pay attention to the Blackview TAB 6 Kids. This child-friendly tablet will help children’s intelligence development and comfortable parenting. It comes with a child-friendly 8-inch display and a highly shock-resistant grip case that provides solid protection not only to the back, but also to the screen in the event of a fall. No matter how easily your kids tend to damage things, rest assured the Blackview TAB 6 Kids will stand up to it all.


Besides, Blackview Tab 6 Kids features a customized iKids App. This is a safe and carefree space for kids to have fun and to learn as much as possible, as well as default child-oriented theme. The Parental Controls mode gives you peace of mind to let them play and learn with the tablet even when you’re not around.

2021 Blackview Christmas Gift Ideas

Blackview TAB 6 Kids now for $129.99, also check in the Official Blakckview store on Aliexpress, Now you can use the discount coupon (EU): TAB6KEU20, after coupon €135,55 (€18,17 OFF). Coupon active from today until December 24.

Perfect Schoolboy or Girl’s Gifts

Want to empower your schoolboy or girl with more edge for study? Blackview electronics are here to help out and most importantly serve as perfectly lovely Christmas gifts.

2021 Blackview Christmas Gift Ideas

Blackview A100 is a truly affordable flagship killer from Blackview – thin, light, elegant, and puts emphasis on camera performance and user experience. It has a glittery back cover, making it the envy of the classmates. The camera performance is impressive with dual pixel autofocus technology and the closed-loop VCM, which enables it to autofocus as fast as 0.03 seconds.

This excels at getting perfectly clear shots for fast-moving objects as many as possible, like street dance, skateboarding, etc. As a matter of fact, Blackview A100 delivers the fastest autofocus speed of $300 affordable phones. And it’s powered by the MediaTek Helio P70 octa-core processor, coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, and runs the Doke OS 2.0, based on the latest Android 11. The overall performance won’t let you down

Blackview A100 4G Smartphone now for $179.99, also check in the Official Blakckview store on Aliexpress

2021 Blackview Christmas Sale overview christmas deals

Blackview Acebook1 is an ideal laptop for students. Made of high-class Aluminum alloy, AceBook1 looks tough and expensive and is lightweight to carry with weight of 1.3 kg. Powered by the Intel® Gemini lake N4120 processor, every operation over there is smooth and fluid. And it has a variety of ports for different usage scenarios. Throwing a dormitory party is just easy with dual BOX speakers to unwind. 

Besides, has a big screen for fast information browsing, a large physical keyboard for efficient writing, and an ergonomic design for comfortably long-hour study.

Blackview Acebook1 14-inch laptop now for $349.99, also check in the Official Blakckview store on Aliexpress

Blackview Christmas Sale for christmas gift ideas

Blackview Christmas gift ideas also includes Blackview Airbuds 5 Pro. AirBuds 5 Pro are equipped with the dual-core digital noise reduction chip and the enhanced hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, combined feedforward and feedback ANC, which delivers a noise reduction depth of 35 dB. Even put in a noisy environment, AirBuds 5 Pro can create a tranquil world. In-ear design with soft earbuds guarantees all-day comfort. Besides, it comes with five sizes of soft tips for a custom fit. You can have zero misgivings as it won’t have fit problems when receiving it. 

AirBuds 5 Pro now for $59.99, also check in the Official Blakckview store on Aliexpress

Perfect Parents Gift – Blackview Christmas Sale

When picking a Christmas gift for parents, nothing is more important than ones with health features. Blackview smartwatches have Heart Rate monitor that can keep you aware of your parents’ heart rate and get notified of warnings when there are abnormal changes. The Sleep monitor function enables you to have a general idea of your parents’ sleep quality.

Need a reminder to get your parents out of the seat and get exercise? A Sedentary Reminder helps. It timely reminds your parents when it’s time to get up from the desk and move around to fight the dangers of a sedentary problem. Besides, Blackview smartwatches can help track steps, miles, and calories during the workout.

Blackview’s Smartwatches up to $43 OFF, also check in the Official Blakckview store on Aliexpress

Ideal Gift for Siblings or Friends

If you want to buy a Christmas gift for your sister, brother or friends, a weather-proof outdoor rugged phone is more than lovely to get him or her ready for the next outdoor activity or adventure at ease. It’s intoxicating to purely think of crisp outside air and all those exciting elements out there, but with rain, snow, dust, dirt and impact, it’s torture on the average smartphone.

Blackview rugged outdoor phones meet industry-leading IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating and MIL-STD-810G military standard. They are waterproof, impact-resistant, and ruggedized for whatever nature throws at them. In other words, they are perfect for an active lifestyle or outdoor work. Featured products include:

  • Thermal rugged phoneBlackview thermal rugged phones are powered by FLIR® thermal imaging technology, which enables the user to see things invisible to naked eyes. Blackview thermal rugged phones include BV9800 Pro, BV9900 Pro, BV6600 Pro

  • -30 resistant rugged phoneBlackview -30 resistant rugged phones outshine other phones when it comes to freezing cold environments. They come with an IceMode that enables basic phone functions like Phone, Message, Contacts, Camera effective in -30 freezing environments where average phones are cold to death. Blackview -30 resistant rugged phones include the BV9900 series, BL5000.

Blackview’s Rugged Outdoor Phones now up to $45 OFF, also check in the Official Blakckview store on Aliexpress

By the way, don’t forget about the latest flagship Blackview Tab 11

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