Beelink J45 User Feedback Event Awards Announced


As you remember, at the end of July we published a post about Beelink Activity: Get Beelink J45 for Free. We are now publishing information from the Beelink Team about the awards.

Beelink J45 Awards

J45 Mini PC: Awards Announced

Beelink held a user feedback event from August 1st to August 10th, 2019. As long as you are a user who purchased beelink products multiple times, and sent a proof of purchase to Beelink’s contact email, you could have a free gift from Beelink brand, more precisely Beelink J45 Mini PC.


The following is a list of winners, including the number of Beelink products they have and the time they are attending the event. Check to see if you have the winners.

In the end, users who don’t win the awards don’t have to be discouraged. In order to thank all users for their long-term support and love, and to express their apologies for waiting for so long, Beelink team has provided a 10% discount for Beelink J45 Mini PC on Beelink’s Amazon Stores. The time is 8 days and everyone can buy it.

Offer code valid date: 2019.8.21 to 2019.8.28


Special offer: Beelink J45 8GB+128GB SSD / Beelink J45 8GB+256GB SSD

1. Amazon CA store + coupon: S68Z5XVQ
2. Amazon US store + coupon: AMN4IE7U
3. Amazon UK store + coupon: AY6HTK8P
4. Amazon DE store + coupon: NIBHNCC4
5. Amazon FR store + coupon: EJJUVOVZ
6. Amazon IT store + coupon: 2TMLCZYU
7. Amazon ES store + coupon: HHIOVYKM

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