Beelink Expand X allow easily connected mobile devices with the display


Beelink Expand X is the first multifunctional gadget designed by Beelink. Expand X accessory allow easily connected mobile devices with the display, and turns them into a computer.

Beelink Expand X

Expand X available on Indiegogo and Beelink store

Beelink, a brand known mainly from Intel Mini PCs and Android TV Boxes, this time introduces a completely new product, but also with an interesting design and functionality. You can now place an order for the new Expand X docking station


The “new” gadget/accessory Beelink brand wants to finance through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. More on Beelink’s gadget can be found on Indiegogo. The device is available on Indiegogo (perk) for $310 HKD ($39.90) and on Beelink Official Store also for $39.90 (pre-order). The docking station is available in 4 colors (Argentate, Iron gray, Chinese red, and Navy blue)

The Expand X docking station will start shipping on April 1st with a user manual, and all necessary USB and HDMI cables.

Beelink Expand X Overview Features

The Beelink Expand X basically is a foldable metal I / O docking station, equipped with a smartphone/tablet arm with an adjustable angle of inclination. Foldable stand to use your smartphone into a computer by connecting it to a monitor. Besides, it also allows you to connect other peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, mobile hard drives, etc. 

Rich number of interfaces Interfaces 

The Expand X docking station has a rich number of interfaces: HDMI Output (connected display), 2x USB 2.0 (for keyboard and mouse), and MicroUSB (connect PC), USB Type-C Input (connect the smartphone), and USB Type-C (connecting charger). Besides, in the middle, there is a button for switching modes – smartphone/tablet or PC.

Type-C INPUT supports the input of video and audio signals. It can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, Switch, Xbox, PS4, and other devices through dual Type-C cables. The connected device needs to support video output so that the extended function can be used.

Beelink Expand X

Beelink Expand X Usage scenario

You are surely wondering how to use Beelink’s gadget in everyday use. If you are considering usage scenarios, here are some suggestions.  However, you may have other connection scenarios.

Use a mobile phone like a normal computer

Connect the mobile phone with the monitor, use the keyboard and mouse to operate the mobile phone, and handle the work as on the host computer. Computer mode supports hammer TNT, Huawei EMUI, Samsung DEX.  Computer mode and mobile phone mode can be switched at will. List supported devices (computers and phones) here.

Watch the video or play games on the large-screen

Use Beelink Expand X docking station In the living room. Watch the video from the mobile phone or other devices through the TV. Connect with a mobile phone or game console to play games on the large-screen display.

Beelink Expand X docking station

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