Beelink Expand M is a Combination of SSD Storage & Docking Station


Beelink Expand M is another Beelink’s gadget after Expand X. This time Expand M, in addition to the USB Hub docking station, has a built-in M.2 2280 SSD slot.

Beelink Expand M USB hub doscking station with SSD storage

We had the opportunity to test a previous Beelink’s gadget called Beelink Expand X (review here). On the other hand, Expand M, in addition to similar functionalities, has a built-in SSD card.


Beelink Expand M Availability and price

First of all, as before, Beelink brand, through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, wants to obtain funding to introduce the device to global sales. But not only that, the “new gadget” is also available for pre-sale at the Beelink store, here.

In the Indiegogo campaign available, you will find the device at a price depending on selected perks. The prices at the Beelink store are also the same.

In the Indiegogo campaign available, you will find the device at a price depending on selected perks. The prices at the Beelink store are also the same and are 40% OFF. Perks available in the Beelink crowdfunding campaign depending on the size of M.2 SSD storage: $66 with 128GB SSD, $78 with 256GB SSD and $106 with 512GB SSD

SSD mobile hard drive and four-in-one expansion docks 

Returning to the features of the device. The new Beelink Expand M has a small, mobile size (the size of Expand M is 115.3mm*39.3mm*11mm, the length of the USB-C extension cable is 121.4mm). It is easy to carry and, additionally, it is useful for traveling. First of all, owners of notebooks / laptops will be pleased with the available interfaces (USB-C 4-IN-1 docking station), SSD storage and the available HDMI port (out).

Beelink Expand M USB docking station and SSD storage

As we mentioned, the device has HDMI port, which can support 4K output, so you can connect any device with USB-C (support DP alt mode) to a monitor or TV with HDMI port. Besides, has two USB-A 3.0, USB-C input port, supports 100W PD fast charge. Extended USB-C cable is a USB-C output port, supports DP ALT MODE function can output video and audio signals, supports 100W PD fast charge protocol, can also be used as an output transmission port, the highest speed can reach 440M/S. 

M.2 2280 SSD slot

In addition, one of the most important features, and precisely portable data storage in the form of M.2 SSD storage. Beelink Expand M has a built-in M.2 2280 SSD slot and adopts the third-generation SATA transmission protocol. It can support up to 4TB expansion.

It is also worth mentioning, that the Expand M on the casing has an “M” button responsible for switching the operation of the SSD disk. When the green light is on, SSD is in working mode. While, when the blue light is on (sleep mode), the SSD will stop reading and writing to extend the service life of the SSD.

Is it worth buying Beelink Expand M?

If you want to meet the needs of daily port expansion and additional needs for fast storage then Expand M is for you.

Pay attention to the key features:

  • Screen mirroring projection
  • 4 in 1 port integration
  • Expansion peripheral connection
  • Support 4K output
  • Switch SSD working status with one key
  • M.2 SSD mobile storage
  • Full metal body
  • Scalable computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones
Beelink Expand M USB docking and SSD storage

It is also worth paying attention to the current 40% OFF prices. As a reminder, Expand M can be purchased through the campaign on Indiegogo as well as through the Beelink store.

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