Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020 (Deals)


Banggood store launches a big sale called Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020. The Summer Prime Sale 2020 covers all product categories ranging from home appliances and consumer electronics to fashion.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020 starting on July 3rd and lasting till July 26th, Summer Prime Sale is a month-long sale in which tons of shopping benefits are served to you. For example, at the very beginning of the Sale, Shop Mega Brand Deals will be the first surprise to impress you, as we offer a massive discount of up to 50% off on hot sale items from brands like Xiaomi, Blitzwolf, etc.


Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020 Saving Tips

To get involved in this big sale and you should check out the sales map. Lasting for more than 20 days, the Sale will happen with a series of discounts scheduled into five stages. With different discounts offered for each of them. Highlights include: The first stage is from July 3th to July 9th, you can begin to browse what you need and reserve the products you want during the Shopping Mega Brand Deals.

The second stage runs from July 9th to July 11th, this is the first wave of big discounts; it is worth noting that the products reserved during stage one are offered at the exclusive discounted price during this stage, so you can begin to buy them.

The third stage is from July 11th to July 19th, where 1000+ of the latest released products are at a big discounted price. Continuing to serve you another wave of big discounts, the fourth stage is from July 19th to July 21st. If you are a VIP you get VIP Early Access and can enjoy the ultimate discounted prices in advance. The final stage begins on July 21 and ends on July 24th when the biggest discounts will blow out. Besides the discounts mentioned above, the sale will come with a bunch of deals, coupons, and promotion games. More a detailed shopping guide and grab more savings tips here.

First stage (July 3th to July 9th) Deals

If you want to join this deal, you should know that 100 items will be available during the first stage of Shopping Mega Brand Deals, and you should reserve the products you prefer from July 3rd. You can choose only 8 products at the exclusive discounted price, so only pick your favorite ones. It is worth noting that this is the only way you are able to get them at the exclusive discounted price from July 9th to July 10th. The 100 products, will come from top valued brands like Xiaomi, Blitzwolf, and Amazfit.

Here are a Week Delivery Deals (Local warehouse, faster and cheaper)

More details about Banggood Summer Prime Sale 2020 here

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