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Android TV Smart Speaker with AI Assistant from SDMC


The smart speaker market is constantly evolving. These are not just smart speakers with the AI assistant but they are also combinations with the Android TV Box, exactly with the Android TV OS. If you have not had the opportunity to become familiar with this type of solution, we encourage you to read the article about the SEI 520 Smart Speaker. As it is not difficult to guess the appearance of other solutions of this type from other manufacturers is just a matter of time. A similar solution has recently been announced by SDMCSDMC also announced its Android TV Smart Speaker, or more specifically, the combination of Android TV (set-top-box with Android TV OS) with Smart Speaker with support for the AI Assistant, operating through voice commands.

Most of you should associate the SDMC company with our previous articles. For those who do not yet know the SDMC company (Shenzhen SDMC Technology Co., Ltd.), we remind you that this is one of the well-known TV Box manufacturers, but not only. SDMC company also is a provider of dedicated solutions for cable operators and content aggregators to expand their business in the field of domestic and overseas telecom, broadcasting, hotel, hospital, school, residential and other industries etc. 


As we mentioned, the SDMC Smart Speaker as for other devices from SDMC is specially designed for operators which enable the audience to control set-top boxes or related home device via voice command. SDMC Smart Speaker will have built-in Zigbee gateway (Housekeeper), you can control smart home device through Far-Field voice, such as Turn on the bedroom light, Change the temperature to 72 degrees, etc. Other key features:

  • Far-Field Voice Input: Built-in two Linear microphone array, support Far-Field voice.
  • Hands-free TV Control: Support 4K TV play, you can ask it to turn on the TV and switch to a particular movie VOD / play via Far-Field voice, this makes watching TV easier.
  • 24 Hour AI Smart Speaker: When the TV screen closes, it becomes a 24 Hour AI Assistant, it can always listen for your queries and requests, such as book schedule, make an alarm, get weather and traffic updates, play music…

Will it be Google Assistant (probably)? or another AI Assistant? at the moment there is no more accurate information. SDMC company on the occasion of the announcement Android TV Smart Speaker reveals the specification:

  • RAM: DDR3 2GB
  • Memory/Flash: 8GB
  • OS: Android TV 8.0 or higher
  • Wi-Fi: Dual band 2*2 -802.11 AC
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 mesh
  • Gateway: Zigbee 3.0 gateway
  • Mic: 2 Linear Mic Array
  • Speak: 5W
  • Ports: SPDIF, RJ45, HDMI 2.1, Mini AV, DC input, USB3.0*1

Source: SDMC

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