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AMD Project Quantum Mini PC Offers Dual Radeon R9 Fury X Graphics


AMD has developed a platform for small form-factor desktop computers with high-performance AMD Radeon graphics. This week the company unveiled a new mini PC design called Project Quantum, and it packs the chip maker’s upcoming dual GPU Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card.

amd project quantumNew AMD Project Quantum prototype mini PC that is styled with a very unique casing that consist of two chambers. The AMD Project Quantum is water called and fitted with dual GPU Radeon R9 Fury X graphics cards proceeding powerful graphical processing in a small desktop form factor.


Project Quantum should be able to handle 4K video at 60 frames per second, DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, Mantle, and pretty much everything else you need for gaming, virtual reality, and ultra high-def video. The case itself can house a standard mini-ITX motherboard which means you can use Intel or AMD processors. In fact, the company is showing off a demo of a system with an Intel Core i7 chip and a Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card at the E3 game show this week. Eventually it could ship with an upcoming AMD processor when the little computer ships later this year. AMD’s computer probably won’t be cheap though: the graphics card alone has a list price of $649.

Watch video below to learn more about AMD’s Project Quantum. AMD was able to make such a small powerful system using HBM (high-bandwidth memory) which the company has been developing with Hynix since 2013.

Source: Liliputing and geeky-gadgets

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