Akasa Turing is a Compact fanless case for Intel® 8th Gen NUC Board


We recently showed you Enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD from Akasa. This time we have Akasa Turing (A-NUC45-A1B / A-NUC45-M1B) for you.

Akasa Turing

Akasa Turing case for audiophile enthusiasts

Akasa Turing is a compact fanless case for Intel® 8th Generation NUC (Bean Canyon). The case has a great desing (symmetrical extruded fins with classically inspired panels) that fits well at home, at the home theater set and in the office. 


In addition to interesting design, chassis for Bean Canyon allows the NUC to be converted into a passive, silent system. Turing is compatible with Intel® NUC8i7BEH / NUC8i5BEK / NUC8i5BEH / NUC8i3BEK / NUC8i3BEH.

Fanless case support IR remote functionality and dual microphones. Can be used in vertically or horizontally positioned.  Turing chassis supports 2.5″ SSD/HDD. The dimensions of the case are 95 x 113.5 x 247.9mm.

Akasa’s aluminium fanless cooling design is similar to that used in Akasa Galactico. In other words, is balanced in cooling performance and size.

Akasa Turing

Akasa Turing (A-NUC45-A1B / A-NUC45-M1B) specifications:

  • Material  – Aluminium
  • Motherboard types – UCFF 4″ X 4″
  • Motherboard – support Intel® NUC Board (kit): NUC8i7BEH / NUC8i5BEK / NUC8i5BEH / NUC8i3BEK / NUC8i3BEH\
  • Dimensions –  95 x 113.5 x 247.9mm (W x D x H)
  • Drive bays – 2.5″ SSD/HDD (up to 9.5mm high)
  • Front – I / O Power button, power and HDD led, USB 3.0 port x 2, IR receiver opening, HD Audio in / out
  • Antenna fitting holes – 2
  • Security – Kensington lock
  • Optional power adapter AK-PD120-04M

Price about $200. More about Turing case on A-NUC45-M1B product page.

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