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A95X F3, X96 Air, TANIX TX3 TV Box powered by S905X3 SoC (Deals)

A95X F3 TV Box, X96 Air TV Box, TANIX TX3 TV Box new TV Boxes powered by Amlogic S905X3 SoC are now available in Geekbuying store. In addition, you’ll find the new Beelink GT-King Pro.

A95X F3, X96 Air, TANIX TX3 S905X3

It was a matter of time. Just as we experienced the appearance of TV Boxes with S905X2 SoC, so are TV Boxes with Amlogic S905X3 SoC. Like mushrooms after the rain, new TV Boxes appear powered by S905X3 SoC. Familiarize yourself with the comparison of S905X2 vs S905X3


As you know Amlogic S905X3 compared to Amlogic S905X2, has better performance visible in benchmarks, and also supports Neural Network Accelerator (NNA) for AI. Cortex A55 has 15% to 20% performance improvement and simultaneously lower power consumption than Cortex A53.

In addition, Geekbuying’s offer includes the latest GT-King Pro TV Box from Beelink brand powered by Amlogic S922X-H SoC.

Below you will find the mentioned Android TV Boxes with a simple description, price and discount coupon.

A95X F3 TV Box 

A95X F3 TV Box

The A95X F3 is the successor to the earlier A95X F2 model. In addition to the S905X3 SoC, TV Box is available in 3 versions: 2GB RAM / 16GB eMMC, 4GB RAM / 32GB eMMC and 4GB RAM / 64GB eMMC. In addition, TV Box supports HDMI 2.1 up to 4K @75Hz, dual band Wifi 802.11ac, Fast Ethernet 100Mbps, Bluetooth 4.0, and runs Android 9.0. Also supports YouTube 4K, video playback 4K 75fps (8K 60fps decode) and PLEX. On top cover has RGB light.

A95X F3 TV Box now is available for:

A95X F3 TV Box

X96 Air TV Box

X96 Air

In addition to the chipset mentioned, the X96 Air TV Box is available with 2GB-4GB DDR4 RAM and 16GB-64GB eMMC flash storage. Supports dual-band 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet. TV Bos also is equipped in HDMI 2.1. Supports also 8K @24fps video decoding. TV Box runs on Android 9.0

X96 Air TV Box now is available for:

X96 Air TV Box


Tanix TX3 TV Box S905X3

Tanix TX3 is the new TV Box from Tanix brand. The housing resembles Tanix TX6. However, inside, in addition to the previously mentioned SoC, we find 2GB RAM / 16GB eMMC, 4GB RAM / 32GB eMMC or 4GB RAM / 64GB eMMC. Like the TV Boxes above, the TX3 TV Box also supports 8K UHD resolution, HDMI 2.1 up to 4K @75Hz, dual band Wifi 802.11ac, Fast Ethernet 100Mbps, Bluetooth 4.0, and runs Android 9.0 + UI called ALICE UX

TANIX TX3 TV Box now is available for:


Beelink GT-King Pro

Beelink GT-King Pro

The new Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box is equipped with the latest Amlogic S922X-H chipset supports high-end ESS Hi-Fi lossless sound quality, DTS Listen and Dolby audio decoding. TV Box features two ESS Hi-Fi decoding chips (ESS DAC-9108 DSP Audio 2.0 sound channel decoding Hi-Fi lossless sound quality), two RiCore RT6862 Top-quality Op-amp chips.

In addition, TV Box also supports Dolby audio and DTS Listen, HDMI 2.1 ([email protected]) output, 7.1 channel cinema-level audio decoding. This time the housing of the new TV Box is made of aluminum and also has a small size (11.90 x 11.90 x 1.79 cm). In addition to the aforementioned S922X-H SoC, inside we will find 4GB RAM DDR4 and 64GB eMMC storage. TV Box also comes with 2.4G voice remote control features air mouse and runs on Android 9.0.

Beelink GT-King Pro now is available for $135.99 after coupon: 3USF4DUL

Beelink GT-King Pro

More TV Boxes you can find on Best TV Boxes for Gaming promotion.

What will you choose? A95X F3, X96 Air, TANIX TX3 TV Box with S905X3 SoC or Beelink GT-King Pro with S922X-H SoC? Let us know in the comment


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