3-axis SJCAM GIMBAL “SJ-GIMBAL” for SJCAM Action Cameras now for $135.99 (Promo)

Most of you know sports cameras from SJCAM company. Some time ago we had the opportunity to test one of them called SJCAM SJ6 Legend which was really great (SJCAM SJ6 Legend review here). In early October SJCAM company announced the appearance of their own, dedicated SJCAM cameras 3-axis SJCAM Gimbal. Good news for all who have or intend to acquire SJCAM action camera (maybe for Christmas) that they will be able to equip their set with another accessory which is 3-axis SJCAM Gimbal “SJ-Gimbal”.

SJ Gimbal


It is noteworthy that the SJCAM company takes the example from market leaders, and seriously approaches their products and their users by introducing another accessory to their portfolio, which is SJ-Gimbal. A big plus for the SJCAM team that develops its products and accessories to ensure maximum satisfaction with its current and future customers. SJCAM Gimbal is a 3-axis action camera Stabilizer. The device is compatible with SJ4, SJ5, SJ6, SJ7 and other action cameras of similar size,  but only SJ6 Legend, SJ6 Legend Air and SJ7 Star are full compatibility with Gimbal Control.

SJCAM Gimbal

The Gimbal is able to perform 3 built-in function modes: Pan following, Locking, Pan-tilt following and selfie modes. Placing stabilizer on a matching tripod, extension pod and any other fixed mounting base with a 1/4 inch thread screw, you can easily capture stunning motions in various scenarios including Wedding ceremony, cycling, rock climbing etc.

SJCAM Gimbal Specifications:

  • Compatible with: SJ6 Legend, SJ6 Legend Air, SJ7 Star (full compatibility including Gimbal Control), SJ4000 Series, SJ5000 Series, and other similarly shaped action cameras (not compatible with Gimbal control)
  • Color Black
  • Battery: 2*18650mAh, non-removable.
  • Battery Runtime: 14 hours
  • Compatible Tripod Type: Generic
  • Compatible camera size: 58mm≤length≤62mm, 21mm≤thickness≤25mm, 41mm≤width≤15mm
  • Charging Connector: Micro USB
  • Mechanical angle range: Yaw: 320°Pitch: 320°Roll: 80°
  • Tilt Speed: Min 3°/s, Max 70°/s
  • Pan Speed: Min 5°/s, Max 120°/s
  • Gimbal Modes: Pan Following Mode Locking Mode, Pan-tilt Following Mode Selfie Mode
  • Weight: 350g
  • Max load: 118g


In addition to SJ-Gimbal, you will find: Elegant Case, User Manual, Qualfied Certificate, USB Charging Cable, Camera Cable, Hand Rope. SJ-Gimbal is available at Banggood for $135.99 + free shipping. More about SJCAM Gimbal you will find on the product page.

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