$149.99 Xiaomi Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner with Alexa (Promo)

In the rich portfolio of Xiaomi, we find a huge number of different devices. There was also a robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi called Xiaomi Xiaowa Lite. If you are thinking about buying a robot vacuum cleaner then Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner seems to be a device worth buying. The device has a lot of features, a promotional price and works with Amazon Alexa. Now Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner is available on Geekbuying for $149.99 + shipping costs, and $229.99 + free shipping with coupon code: SQLSJEVG.

Xiaowa Lite


As we mentioned Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner has a lot of features that will certainly bring sales success to the new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner offers a suction power equal to 1600 Pa, therefore less powerful than the other models offered by Xiaomi, while the brush system remains the one already seen previously and consists of a side brush and the main one with “tornado” design that allows the suction of the most stubborn dirt.

Xiaowa Lite

Xiaowa Lite is powered by a 2,600mAh battery which should hold enough energy to allow the device to clean a medium-sized room. The new vacuum is programmed to return to its charger automatically once its battery level falls below 30-percent. Noteworthy is an adaptive random algorithm and built-in 10 sensors. The 10 sensors available to identify the various obstacles and avoid them, but also to recognize the stairs and therefore do not fall not empty. The small laser turret allows you to map the room you are cleaning, thus ensuring also the cleaning of the perimeter of the walls continuing according to its own cleaning algorithm with the rest of the surface.

Xiaowa Lite robot vacuum cleaner

The Xiaowa Lite Robot Vacuum Cleaner also is equipped with a dusty compartment of 640 ml able to ensure daily cleaning thanks to the battery of 2600 mAh with autonomy calibrated for about 100 square meters of housing. It also has a dedicated application for remote control and also works with Amazon Alexa.  You can find more on the Xiaowa Lite promotion sale page. In the package you will find: Xiaowa Lite Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Charging Dock, Power Cable, Cleaning Brush, User Manual.

xiaowa Lite

If you need a good robot vacuum cleaner that has a lot of work modes, 1600Pa powerful suction high performance cleaning system with low noise, a large 2600 mAh battery and more, then you should consider buying Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Lite Vacuum Cleaner, which is now available for $149.99 + shipping costs, and $229.99 (without shipping cost) with coupon code: SQLSJEVG.


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