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10moons T2 Android TV Box powered by ATM7039


Actions ATM7039 it is a low cost SoC ARM Cortex-A9r4 processor and GPU Power VR SGX544MP2. Now we have seen integrated in TV Box brand 10moons called 10 moons T2 that also incorporates Android 4.4 operating system in its Western version, because in China it is distributed with Yunus, hence the silkscreened we see at the top of the box with the logo of the OS.

10 moons T2Entering the hardware issue the 10moons T2 TV Box includes SoC ATM7039 Quad Core with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage memory, WiFi b / g / n with external antenna and Bluettoth 4.0. As for conectivedad we found a pair of USB ports, microSD card reader, 10/100 connector and HDMI and A / V video. Of course the equipment includes an IR remote control which can control the type comprising Metro launcher.


10moons T2 is available on in the price of US $49.80.

10 moons T2Source: AndroidPC

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